Rock & Roll "Baby Chain"

Rock and Roll Babes

Modern life throws up some amazing links.  Take a look at this chain of half siblings.  They are all the product of some of the best of the British rock scene.  Each is a  half sibling of another, who is a half sibling of another, who is a half sibling of ..... well you get the idea.  This is an extreme example that can be found in FAKTree.  It is a rare family tree which steps across nine couples linking ten half siblings making a very unconventional modern family.  Take a look and see how you can connect Eva Davies,  Louisa Davies,  Natalie Davies, Tor Davies, Aisling Doherty,  Astile Doherty,  Lennon Gallagher, James Kerr,  Yasmin Kerr,  and Molly Welch.

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