Kings of Saudi Arabia


The Kings of Saudi Arabia

Following the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632, Abu Bakr became the leader of the Muslims. The Arabs expanded their territory outside Arabia in the 7th century. The Saudi peninsula reverted to traditional tribal rule.

Muhammad bin Saud established the First Saudi State in 1744. In the 19th century the rule extended to most of the Arabian peninsula, including Mecca. After an attack of the Ottoman Empire, the Al-Saud family regained power by 1824. Turki bin Abdullah Al-Saud transferred the capital to Riyadh and established the Second Saudi State. After been overthrown in 1891, his son Abdulaziz fought back and in 1924 he had captured Riyadh, the Hijaz, including Mecca, he united tribes into one nation and the country was named the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 23 September 1932.

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