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Denny Dennis
Denny Dennis

Partners of 
Denny Dennis

Maurice Dennis


2 children together

Denny Dennis
Bio Details

Full name

Denny Dennis



Disappearing Denny!

After 11 years of marriage, Denny one day ran off with a wealthy man who kept her as a mistress.  When her daughter Betty returned home from school she found all the furniture gone apart from a bed, and a note.  It took Maurice several years to track her down again, but the pair were never reconciled.
Denny Dennis

Denny Dennis

Denny Dennis Partner(s) Other Children

Denny Dennis Children

Maurice Dennis Jr.

born 1923 (aft.), age 94 (aft.)
with Maurice Dennis

Betty Townshend

born 1923, died 2010, age 87 (approx.)
with Maurice Dennis


Denny Dennis Family

Denny Dennis's children:

Denny Dennis's son is Maurice Dennis Jr. Denny Dennis's daughter was Betty Townshend

Denny Dennis's former partners:

Denny Dennis's former husband is Maurice Dennis

Denny Dennis's grandchildren:

Denny Dennis's grandson is Pete Townshend

Denny Dennis's great grandchildren:

Denny Dennis's great granddaughter is Emma Townshend Denny Dennis's great granddaughter is Aminta Townshend Denny Dennis's great grandson is Joseph Townshend

Denny Dennis's former in laws:

Denny Dennis's former son in law was Cliff Townshend Denny Dennis's former mother in law was Ellen Dennis