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Ross Hendrix
Partner of 
Ross Hendrix

Ross Hendrix

Bertram Philander Ross Hendrix




Wednesday 11 Apr 1866


21 Mar 1934

Ross Hendrix
Bio Details

Full name

Bertram Philander Ross Hendrix





Date of birth

Wednesday 11 Apr 1866

Birth place

Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

21 Mar 1934

Place of death

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Cause of death

Ruptured Aorta


Police Officer

Vaudeville Entertainer

Partners of 
Ross Hendrix

Zenora Hendrix


5 children together


Ross Hendrix Children

Leon Hendrix

born 1912, died 1932, age 19 (approx.)
with Zenora Hendrix

Patricia Hendrix

born 1914, deceased, age 104
with Zenora Hendrix

Frank Hendrix

born 1917, died 1986, age 68 (approx.)
with Zenora Hendrix

Al Hendrix

born 1919, died 2002, age 82
with Zenora Hendrix

Orville Hendrix

born 1926, died 1926, age 2 months
with Zenora Hendrix

Ross Hendrix Partner(s) Other Children


Ross Hendrix Family

Ross Hendrix's parents:

Ross Hendrix's father was Bertram Philander Ross Ross Hendrix's mother was Fanny Hendricks

Ross Hendrix's children:

Ross Hendrix's son was Leon Hendrix Ross Hendrix's daughter was Patricia Hendrix Ross Hendrix's son was Frank Hendrix Ross Hendrix's son was Al Hendrix Ross Hendrix's son was Orville Hendrix

Ross Hendrix's former partners:

Ross Hendrix's former wife was Zenora Hendrix

Ross Hendrix's grandchildren:

Ross Hendrix's grandson was Jimi Hendrix Ross Hendrix's grandson is Leon Hendrix Ross Hendrix's grandson is Joseph Hendrix Ross Hendrix's granddaughter is Kathy Hendrix Ross Hendrix's granddaughter is Pamela Hendrix Ross Hendrix's grandson is Alfred Hendrix

Ross Hendrix's former in laws:

Ross Hendrix's former father in law was Robert Moore Sr. Ross Hendrix's former mother in law was Fanny Moore Ross Hendrix's former daughter in law was Lucille Hendrix