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Partners of 
Tracey Edmonds
Tracey Edmonds

Partners of 
Tracey Edmonds

Eddie Murphy

Unconfirmed marriage

"marriage" 31 Dec 2007
"divorce" Jan 2008

Kenny Edmonds


2 children together

married 5 Sep 1992
divorce Jan 2005

Tracey Edmonds
Bio Details

Full name

Tracey Elaine Edmonds

Maiden name

Tracey Elaine McQuarn





Date of birth

Saturday 18 Feb 1967

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA




Stanford University, (Leland Stanford Junior University), Stanford, California, United States

I don't.....

Tracey and Eddie Murphy got married in a ceremony in Bora Bora on 1st of january 2008, but found out it wasn't legally binding and planned to have another ceremony to legalise their marriage in the USA, but they split up a few weeks later before the ceremony could take place.
Tracey Edmonds

Tracey Elaine Edmonds




Saturday 18 Feb 1967

Tracey Edmonds Partner(s) Other Children

Tracey Edmonds Children

Brandon Edmonds

born 1995 (ca.), age 25 (ca.)
with Babyface Kenny Edmonds

Dylan Edmonds

born 1998 (ca.), age 22 (ca.)
with Babyface Kenny Edmonds


Tracey Edmonds Family

Tracey Edmonds's parents:

Tracey Edmonds's father is George McQuarn Tracey Edmonds's mother is Jacqueline McQuarn

Tracey Edmonds's children:

Tracey Edmonds's son is Brandon Edmonds Tracey Edmonds's son is Dylan Edmonds

Tracey Edmonds's former partners:

Tracey Edmonds's former "husband" is Eddie Murphy Tracey Edmonds's former husband is Babyface Kenny Edmonds

Tracey Edmonds's former in laws:

Tracey Edmonds's former father in law was Charles Murphy Tracey Edmonds's former mother in law is Lillian Lynch Tracey Edmonds's former step-father in law is Vernon Lynch Tracey Edmonds's former father in law is Marvin Edmonds Tracey Edmonds's former mother in law is Barbara Edmonds