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Savvas Andrea
Partner of 
Savvas Andrea

Savvas Andrea

Savvas Andrea


85 (approx.)



Savvas Andrea
Bio Details

Full name

Savvas Andrea




85 (approx.)

Date of birth


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One of thirteen siblings. Has told his son Peter that he and some of his brothers were 'sold off' in order to pay their way when growing up during WWII.

Partners of 
Savvas Andrea

Thea Andrea


6 children together


Savvas Andrea Children

Andrew Andre

born 1957, died 2012, age 55 (approx.)
with Thea Andrea

Chris Andre

born 1963, age 55 (approx.)
with Thea Andrea

Danny Andre

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
with Thea Andrea

Michael Andre

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Thea Andrea

Debbie Andre

born 1971, age 47 (approx.)
with Thea Andrea

Peter Andre

born 1973, age 45
with Thea Andrea

Reality TV Star and Singer

Savvas Andrea Partner(s) Other Children


Savvas Andrea Family

Savvas Andrea's children:

Savvas Andrea's son is Peter Andre Savvas Andrea's son was Andrew Andre Savvas Andrea's son is Chris Andre Savvas Andrea's son is Danny Andre Savvas Andrea's son is Michael Andre Savvas Andrea's daughter is Debbie Andre

Savvas Andrea's current partners:

Savvas Andrea's wife is Thea Andrea

Savvas Andrea's grandchildren:

Savvas Andrea's grandson is Junior Andre Savvas Andrea's granddaughter is Princess Andre Savvas Andrea's granddaughter is Amelia Andre Savvas Andrea's grandson is Theo Andre

Savvas Andrea's in laws:

Savvas Andrea's daughter in law is Dr Emily Macdonagh

Savvas Andrea's former in laws:

Savvas Andrea's former daughter in law is Katie Price