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Partners of 
Tina Green
Tina Green

Partners of 
Tina Green

Robert Palos


2 children together

married about 1967
divorce about 1985

Sir Philip Green


2 children together

Tina Green
Bio Details

Full name

Lady Christina Stuart Green

Maiden name

Christina Stuart Paine




68 (approx.)

Date of birth

Aug 1949

Birth place

Paddington, London, UK

Lashings of loot

In 2007 Tina Green topped the UK rich list, with a combined worth (with her husband Sir Philip Green) of £4.9billion.

Tina Green Siblings

Susie Moss


Tina Green

Lady Christina Stuart Green


68 (approx.)


Aug 1949

Tina Green Partner(s) Other Children

Tina Green Children

Stasha Palos

born 1972, age 46 (approx.)
with Robert Palos

Brett Palos

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Robert Palos

Chloe Green

born 1991, age 27
with Sir Philip Green

Footwear Designer and Topshop heiress

Brandon Green

born 1992, age 26 (approx.)
with Sir Philip Green


Tina Green Family

Tina Green's parents:

Tina Green's father is Stuart Paine Tina Green's mother is Phyllis Paine

Tina Green's children:

Tina Green's daughter is Chloe Green Tina Green's daughter is Stasha Palos Tina Green's son is Brett Palos Tina Green's son is Brandon Green

Tina Green's current partners:

Tina Green's husband is Sir Philip Green

Tina Green's former partners:

Tina Green's former husband was Robert Palos

Tina Green's siblings:

Tina Green's sister is Susie Moss

Tina Green's nieces and nephews:

Tina Green's nephew is Elliot Moss

Tina Green's grandparents:

Tina Green's grandfather is H A G Cartwright Tina Green's grandfather is R S Paine

Tina Green's grandchildren:

Tina Green's grandson is Jordan Spiro Tina Green's granddaughter is Lily Spiro Tina Green's grandson is Jayden Meeks-Green

Tina Green's in laws:

Tina Green's father in law was Simon Green Tina Green's mother in law was Alma Green Tina Green's sister in law is Elizabeth Green Tina Green's daughter in law is Magda Palos

Tina Green's former in laws:

Tina Green's former son in law is Scott Spiro