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Jamie Laing
Partners of 
Jamie Laing

Made in Chelsea Reality Star and heir to McVities biscuit company
Jamie Laing

Jamie Laing


29 (approx.)



Jamie Laing
Bio Details

Full name

Jamie Laing




29 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Chelsea, London, United Kingdom



Sweet Shop Owner

Reality TV Personality (2011)


Radley College, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

University of Leeds, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Biscuit Boy

Jamie's great uncle was Lord Laing of Dunphail, chairman and life president of United Biscuits.  Dunphail was in turn grandson to Alexander Grant - inventor of the Digestive Biscuit!  This makes Jamie heir to the McVities fortune.
Jamie owns fashionable candy and clothing brand Candy Kittens in Kings Road, Chelsea, UK. Harvey Nichols are one of the stockists.

Jamie Laing Siblings

Alexander Laing


Emily Laing


Partners of 
Jamie Laing

Heloise Agostinelli


dating from Feb 2018

Frankie Gaff


dated from May 2016
until about Jul 2017

Eleanor Calder

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from 2015

Naz Gharai


dated from 2015
until 2015

Lucy Watson


dated from about 4 Nov 2013
until about 30 Dec 2013

Phoebe-Lettice Thompson


dated from Oct 2013
until Oct 2013

Tara Keeney


dated from after 8 Apr 2013
until about 22 Sep 2013

Binky Felstead


dated from after 15 Oct 2012
until before 6 Nov 2012

Gabriella Tristao


affair from after 19 Sep 2011
until before 21 Nov 2011

Louise Thompson


dated from after 19 Sep 2011
until before 4 Jun 2012

Jess Woodley

On-Off relationship


Jamie Laing Family

Jamie Laing's parents:

Jamie Laing's father is Nicholas Laing Jamie Laing's mother is Penny Laing

Jamie Laing's current partners:

Jamie Laing is dating Heloise Agostinelli Jamie Laing has an on-off relationship with Jess Woodley

Jamie Laing's former partners:

Jamie Laing dated Lucy Watson Jamie Laing dated Phoebe-Lettice Thompson Jamie Laing dated Tara Keeney Jamie Laing dated Binky Felstead Jamie Laing had an affair with Gabriella Tristao Jamie Laing dated Louise Thompson Jamie Laing dated Frankie Gaff Jamie Laing allegedly dated Eleanor Calder Jamie Laing dated Naz Gharai

Jamie Laing's siblings:

Jamie Laing's brother is Alexander Laing Jamie Laing's sister is Emily Laing

Jamie Laing's grandparents:

Jamie Laing's grandfather was Robert Laing Jamie Laing's grandmother is Sheila Laing

Jamie Laing's great grandparents:

Jamie Laing's great grandfather is Hector Laing Jamie Laing's great grandmother is Margaret Laing   Jamie Laing's great great grandfather is Alexander Grant of Forres 1st Baronet.

Jamie Laing's uncles and aunts:

Jamie Laing's uncle is Timothy Laing

Jamie Laing's great uncles and aunts:

Jamie Laing's great uncle was Lord Hector Laing Baron Of Dunphail

Jamie Laing's first cousins once removed:

Jamie Laing's first cousin once removed is Mark Laing Jamie Laing's first cousin once removed is Robert Laing Jamie Laing's first cousin once removed is Anthony Laing

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