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Partners of 
Lana Wood
Lana Wood

Partners of 
Lana Wood

Allan Balter


married 1978
divorce 1981

Richard Smedley


1 child together

relationship began 1 Mar 1973
until 23 Mar 1975

Dr Stanley Vogel


married 19 Apr 1968
divorce 14 Oct 1968

Steve Oliver


relationship began 1967
until 1967

Karl Brent


married Apr 1964
divorce 1965

Jack Wrather III

Annulment of marriage

1962 - 1963

Adam West


Lana Wood
Bio Details

Full name

Svetlana Nicolaevna Wood

Maiden name

Svetlana Nicolaevna Gurdin

Also known as

Svetlana Nicolaevna Zakharenko





Date of birth

Friday 01 Mar 1946

Birth place

Santa Monica, California, USA



Her father had changed the family name to Gurdin just before Lana was born. This is why her older sister Natalie was born with a different surname, Zakharenko.

Lana Wood Siblings

Natalie Wood


American Actress
Bond Girl, Plenty O'Toole
Lana Wood

Svetlana Nicolaevna Wood




Friday 01 Mar 1946

Lana Wood Partner(s) Other Children

Lana Wood Children

Evan Moldano

born 1974, age 43
with Richard Smedley


Lana Wood Family

Lana Wood's parents:

Lana Wood's father is Nikolai Gurdin Lana Wood's mother was Maria Gurdin

Lana Wood's children:

Lana Wood's daughter is Evan Moldano

Lana Wood's former partners:

Lana Wood had an affair with Sir Sean Connery Lana Wood was in an annulled marriage with Jack Wrather III Lana Wood dated Adam West Lana Wood's former husband is Allan Balter Lana Wood had a relationship with Richard Smedley Lana Wood's former husband is Dr Stanley Vogel Lana Wood had a relationship with Steve Oliver Lana Wood's former husband is Karl Brent

Lana Wood's siblings:

Lana Wood's sister was Natalie Wood

Lana Wood's nieces and nephews:

Lana Wood's niece is Natasha Gregson Wagner Lana Wood's niece is Courtney Wagner

Lana Wood's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Lana Wood's great niece is Clover Watson

Lana Wood's grandparents:

Lana Wood's grandfather is Stepan Zudilov Lana Wood's grandmother is Maria Kuleva Lana Wood's grandfather was Stepan Zacharenko Lana Wood's grandmother is Eudoxie Sauchenko

Lana Wood's grandchildren:

Lana Wood's grandson is Nicholas Moldano Lana Wood's granddaughter is Daphne Moldano Lana Wood's grandson is Max Moldano

Lana Wood's in laws:

Lana Wood's son in law is Edward Moldano

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