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Partners of 
Anne Symonds
Anne Symonds

Partners of 
Anne Symonds

Richard Symonds


married 25 May 1940

John Beavan, Baron Ardwick


1 child together

Anne Symonds
Bio Details

Full name

Anne Hilda Symonds

Maiden name

Anne Hilda Harrison





Date of birth

Tuesday 22 Aug 1916

Birth place

Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

Date of death:

6 Feb 2017

Believed by some to have been the daughter of liberal prime minister Herbert Asquith who was unacknowledged close friend of Anne's mother Hilda from before Anne was born. Hilda and her husband had moved to a farm in Wiltshire previously owned by a relative of Asquith. In his will he left a significant some to Hilda and her children. And later, correspondence between Asquith and Hilda was published in a book.

Anne Symonds Siblings

Peter Harrisson


Anne Symonds

Anne Hilda Symonds




Tuesday 22 Aug 1916


6 Feb 2017

Anne Symonds Partner(s) Other Children

Anne Symonds Children

Matthew Symonds

born 1953, age 65
with John Beavan, Baron Ardwick

Co-Founder of the Independent Newspaper.


Anne Symonds Family

Anne Symonds's parents:

Anne Symonds's father was Roland Harrisson Anne Symonds's mother was Hilda Harrisson

Anne Symonds's children:

Anne Symonds's son is Matthew Symonds

Anne Symonds's current partners:

Anne Symonds's husband was Richard Symonds Anne Symonds had an affair with John Beavan, Baron Ardwick

Anne Symonds's siblings:

Anne Symonds's brother is Peter Harrisson

Anne Symonds's grandparents:

Anne Symonds's grandfather was S M Grierson Anne Symonds's grandfather was Damer Harrisson

Anne Symonds's grandchildren:

Anne Symonds's granddaughter is Carrie Symonds

Anne Symonds's in laws:

Anne Symonds's father in law is Group Captain C P Symonds Anne Symonds's daughter in law is Alison Symonds