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Partners of 
Marlene Lauda
Marlene Lauda

Partners of 
Marlene Lauda

Niki Lauda


2 children together

married 11 Mar 1976
divorce 1991

Curt Jurgens


relationship began 1975
until 1976

Marlene Lauda
Bio Details

Full name

Marlene Lauda

Maiden name

Marlene Knauss



Birth place


Marlene Lauda Siblings

Renate Knauss


Tilly Knauss


Marlene Lauda

Marlene Lauda

Marlene Lauda Partner(s) Other Children

Marlene Lauda Children

Lukas Lauda

born 1979, age 40 (approx.)
with Niki Lauda

Matthias Lauda

born 1981, age 38
with Niki Lauda


Marlene Lauda Family

Marlene Lauda's children:

Marlene Lauda's son is Lukas Lauda Marlene Lauda's son is Matthias Lauda

Marlene Lauda's former partners:

Marlene Lauda's former husband was Niki Lauda Marlene Lauda had a relationship with Curt Jurgens

Marlene Lauda's siblings:

Marlene Lauda's sister is Renate Knauss Marlene Lauda's brother is Tilly Knauss

Marlene Lauda's former in laws:

Marlene Lauda's former father in law is Ernst-Peter Lauda Marlene Lauda's former mother in law was Elisabeth Lauda Marlene Lauda's former step-mother in law is Helga Lauda Marlene Lauda's former grandfather in law was Hans Lauda Marlene Lauda's former grandmother in law is Emmi Lauda Marlene Lauda's former grandfather in law is Dr Emil von Linhart Marlene Lauda's former brother in law is Florian Lauda Marlene Lauda's former husband Niki Lauda's uncle in law is Heinz Lauda