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Shizuo Tsujihara
Partner of 
Shizuo Tsujihara

Shizuo Tsujihara

Shizuo Tsujihara

Shizuo Tsujihara
Bio Details

Full name

Shizuo Tsujihara




Food Distributor

Owned egg distribution company.

Partners of 
Shizuo Tsujihara

Mickey Tsujihara


3 children together

Shizuo Tsujihara Children

Sidney Tsujihara

with Mickey Tsujihara

Phyllis Tsujihara

born 1951, age 68 (approx.)
with Mickey Tsujihara

Kevin Tsujihara

born 1964, age 54
with Mickey Tsujihara

CEO of Warner Bros.

Shizuo Tsujihara Partner(s) Other Children


Shizuo Tsujihara Family

Shizuo Tsujihara's children:

Shizuo Tsujihara's son is Sidney Tsujihara Shizuo Tsujihara's daughter is Phyllis Tsujihara Shizuo Tsujihara's son is Kevin Tsujihara

Shizuo Tsujihara's current partners:

Shizuo Tsujihara's wife is Mickey Tsujihara

Shizuo Tsujihara's in laws:

Shizuo Tsujihara's daughter in law is Sandy Tsujihara