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Phil Jagielka
Partner of 
Phil Jagielka

English Footballer
Phil Jagielka

Philip Nikodern Jagiekla




Tuesday 17 Aug 1982

Phil Jagielka
Bio Details

Full name

Philip Nikodern Jagiekla

Also known as






Date of birth

Tuesday 17 Aug 1982

Birth place

Sale, Manchester, England, UK


Footballer (2000)


Moorlands Junior School, Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Sheffield United FC, 2000 - 2007

Phil Jagiekla made his debut professional football performance at Sheffield United in 2000 having been a trainee with the club since 1998.

Captain of Everton FC

Jagiekla transferred to Everton in 2007 having been sold for £4 million, the highest amount ever paid for a Sheffield United player.  He was appointed club captain for the 2013/14 season.

Playing of the England National Team

Jagielka played his first competitive game for the England National team in September 2010.  Previously, he had been selected to play in a number of friendly matches, the first being in 2008.  He has been selected for England's squad in the 2014 world cup in Brazil.

Phil Jagielka Siblings

Steve Jagielka


Nicola Jagielka


Partners of 
Phil Jagielka

Emily Jagielka


2 children together

Jun 2009

Phil Jagielka Children

Mya Jagiekla

with Emily Jagielka

Zak Jagielka

with Emily Jagielka

Phil Jagielka Partner(s) Other Children


Phil Jagielka Family

Phil Jagielka's parents:

Phil Jagielka's father is Jan Jagielka Phil Jagielka's mother is Janet Jagielka

Phil Jagielka's children:

Phil Jagielka's daughter is Mya Jagiekla Phil Jagielka's son is Zak Jagielka

Phil Jagielka's current partners:

Phil Jagielka's wife is Emily Jagielka

Phil Jagielka's siblings:

Phil Jagielka's brother is Steve Jagielka Phil Jagielka's sister is Nicola Jagielka

Phil Jagielka's grandparents:

Phil Jagielka's grandfather was Nikodem Jagielka Phil Jagielka's grandmother is Krystyna Jagielka

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