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Partners of 
Ann Bennett
Ann Bennett

Partners of 
Ann Bennett

Coy Perry Jr.


3 children together

divorce about 1972

Steve Bennett


Ann Bennett
Bio Details

Full name

Ann Bennett

Also known as

Ann Perry



Mother of Beverly Hills, 90210 Heartthrob Luke Perry
Ann Bennett

Ann Bennett

Ann Bennett Partner(s) Other Children

Ann Bennett Children

Tom Perry

with Coy Perry Jr.

Amy Coder

with Coy Perry Jr.

Luke Perry

born 1966, died 2019, age 52
with Coy Perry Jr.

Dylan McKay in Beverly Hills, 90210 Fred Andrews in Riverdale

Emily Bennett

step-child with Steve Bennett


Ann Bennett Family

Ann Bennett's children:

Ann Bennett's son was Luke Perry Ann Bennett's son is Tom Perry Ann Bennett's daughter is Amy Coder Ann Bennett's step-daughter is Emily Bennett

Ann Bennett's current partners:

Ann Bennett's husband is Steve Bennett

Ann Bennett's former partners:

Ann Bennett's former husband was Coy Perry Jr.

Ann Bennett's grandchildren:

Ann Bennett's grandson is Nate Coy Ann Bennett's granddaughter is Sophie Perry

Ann Bennett's former in laws:

Ann Bennett's former daughter in law is Minnie Sharp