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Don Harris
Partners of 
Don Harris

Don Harris

Donald Jasper Harris


83 (approx.)



Don Harris
Bio Details

Full name

Donald Jasper Harris




83 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

St Anns Bay, Jamaica


Professor of Economics


University of California, Berkeley, California, United States (Finished 1966)

University Colege of the West Indies (UWI) (University College of the West Indies), Mona, Jamaica (Finished 1960)

Don Harris Siblings

Enid Harris


Partners of 
Don Harris

Shyamala Harris


2 children together

married 5 Jul 1963
divorce 1971

Don Harris Children

Kamala Harris

born 1964, age 56
with Shyamala Harris

Vice-President of the USA

Maya Harris

born 1967, age 54
with Shyamala Harris

Don Harris Partner(s) Other Children


Don Harris Family

Don Harris's parents:

Don Harris's father is Oscar Harris Don Harris's mother is Beryl Harris

Don Harris's children:

Don Harris's daughter is Kamala Harris Don Harris's daughter is Maya Harris

Don Harris's former partners:

Don Harris's former wife was Shyamala Harris

Don Harris's siblings:

Don Harris's sister is Enid Harris

Don Harris's grandparents:

Don Harris's grandfather is Mr Christie Don Harris's grandmother was Iris Finegan Don Harris's grandfather is Joseph Harris Don Harris's grandmother was Christiana Harris

Don Harris's grandchildren:

Don Harris's granddaughter is Meena Harris

Don Harris's great grandchildren:

Don Harris's great granddaughter is Amara Ajagu Don Harris's great granddaughter is Leela Ajagu

Don Harris's in laws:

Don Harris's son in law is Doug Emhoff Don Harris's son in law is Tony West

Don Harris's former in laws:

Don Harris's former father in law was P. V. Gopalan Don Harris's former mother in law is Rajam Gopalan Don Harris's former brother in law is Balachandran Gopalan Don Harris's former sister in law is Sarala Goplan Don Harris's former sister in law is Mahalakshmi Gopalan