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Frank Lampard
Partners of 
Frank Lampard

English Professional Footballer
Frank Lampard

Frank James Lampard




Tuesday 20 Jun 1978

Frank Lampard
Bio Details

Full name

Frank James Lampard





Date of birth

Tuesday 20 Jun 1978

Birth place

Romford, Essex, UK



Footballer (1994)


Brentwood School, Brentwood, Essex, England, United Kingdom (1989 - 1994)

Goal Scorer

Frank Lampard is Chelseas all time leading goal scorer

100th England Cap

Frank Lampard became only the eighth English player to earn his 100th England cap, doing so in a friendly match against Ukraine, on 10 September 2013.

Player of the Year

Frank Lampard was voted England Player of the Year for two consecutive years in 2004 and 2005

Football Teams

Frank Lampard played football for West Ham United, Chelsea and the England National Team


September 2014 Frank announces his retirement from international football.

Frank Lampard Siblings

Sister-of-Frank Lampard


Claire Lampard


Sophie Butler


other parent: Janet Butler

John Butler


other parent: Janet Butler

Partners of 
Frank Lampard

Christine Lampard


1 child together

20 Dec 2015

Saskia Boxford


dated from about Mar 2009
until Apr 2009

Martine McCutcheon


dated from Aug 2007

Elen Rivas

Broken Engagement

2 children together

engaged from 2002
until Nov 2008

Meg Mathews


dated from about 2001

Frank Lampard Children

Luna Lampard

born 2005, age 13
with Elen Rivas

Isla Lampard

born 2007, age 11
with Elen Rivas

Patricia Lampard

born 2018, age 19 days
with Christine Lampard

Frank Lampard Partner(s) Other Children


Frank Lampard Family

Frank Lampard's parents:

Frank Lampard's father is Frank Lampard Sr Frank Lampard's mother was Pat Lampard

Frank Lampard's children:

Frank Lampard's daughter is Luna Lampard Frank Lampard's daughter is Isla Lampard Frank Lampard's daughter is Patricia Lampard

Frank Lampard's current partners:

Frank Lampard's wife is Christine Lampard

Frank Lampard's former partners:

Frank Lampard dated Martine McCutcheon Frank Lampard dated Meg Mathews Frank Lampard is the former fiance of Elen Rivas Frank Lampard dated Saskia Boxford

Frank Lampard's siblings:

Frank Lampard's sister is Sister-of-Frank Lampard Frank Lampard's sister is Claire Lampard Frank Lampard's half-sister is Sophie Butler Frank Lampard's half-brother is John Butler

Frank Lampard's grandparents:

Frank Lampard's grandfather was Bill Harris Frank Lampard's grandfather is Frank Lampard Frank Lampard's grandmother is Hilda Lampard

Frank Lampard's great grandparents:

Frank Lampard's great grandfather is Arthur Lampard   Frank Lampard's great great grandfather was Henry Lampard   Frank Lampard's 3x great grandfather was Henry Lampard

Frank Lampard's uncles and aunts:

Frank Lampard's uncle-by-marriage is Harry Redknapp Frank Lampard's aunt is Gwendoline Lamb Frank Lampard's uncle-by-marriage is Paul Lamb Frank Lampard's uncle is Brian Harris Frank Lampard's aunt is Sandra Redknapp

Frank Lampard's cousins:

Frank Lampard's cousin is Jamie Redknapp Frank Lampard's cousin is Mark Redknapp

Frank Lampard's first cousins once removed:

Frank Lampard's first cousin once removed is Harry Redknapp Frank Lampard's first cousin once removed is Charley Redknapp Frank Lampard's first cousin once removed is Beau Redknapp

Frank Lampard's in laws:

Frank Lampard's father in law is Frederick Bleakley Frank Lampard's mother in law is Mina Bleakley Frank Lampard's sister in law is Nicola Bleakley

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