Married Relationship facts

Married Jul 1999


Former English Rugby Player
Will Carling OBE

William David Charles Carling




Sunday 12 Dec 1965

Other Partners

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from 1995
until about 1995

Ali Cockayne

Broken Engagement

1 child together

engaged from 1995
until 12 Sep 1998

Julia Carling


married 18 Jun 1994
divorce 1996

Professional Partners

Will Carling OBE Siblings

Marcus Carling


Other Partners

David Cooke


2 children together

married Jun 1987
divorce before 1999

Professional Partners

Lisa Carling Siblings

Maria Wowk


Michael Wowk


Mark Wowk


Lisa Carling

Lisa Carling




Monday 13 May 1963

His Other Children

Henry Carling

born 1997, age 20 (approx.)
with Ali Cockayne

Children Together

Jack Carling

born 2000, age 17 (approx.)

Mimi Carling

born 2003, age 15

Her Other Children

Tom Cooke

born 1988, age 30 (approx.)
with David Cooke

Tali Cooke

born 1989, age 28 (approx.)
with David Cooke

Will Carling OBE
Bio Details


Will Carling OBE Family

Will Carling OBE's parents:

Will Carling OBE's father is Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Carling Will Carling OBE's mother was Pam Carling Will Carling OBE's step-mother is Julie Carling

Will Carling OBE's children:

Will Carling OBE's son is Henry Carling Will Carling OBE's son is Jack Carling Will Carling OBE's daughter is Mimi Carling Will Carling OBE's step-son is Tom Cooke Will Carling OBE's step-daughter is Tali Cooke

Will Carling OBE's current partners:

Will Carling OBE's wife is Lisa Carling

Will Carling OBE's former partners:

Will Carling OBE allegedly had a romance with Princess Diana Princess of Wales Will Carling OBE is the former fiance of Ali Cockayne Will Carling OBE's former wife is Julia Carling

Will Carling OBE's siblings:

Will Carling OBE's brother is Marcus Carling

Will Carling OBE's in laws:

Will Carling OBE's father in law is Wladyslaw Wowk Will Carling OBE's mother in law is Olga Wowk Will Carling OBE's sister in law is Maria Wowk Will Carling OBE's brother in law is Michael Wowk Will Carling OBE's brother in law is Mark Wowk

Lisa Carling
Bio Details

Full name

Lisa Carling

Maiden name

Olga Wowk

Also known as

Lisa Devereaux

Lisa Cooke

Lisa Devereaux-Cooke





Date of birth

Monday 13 May 1963

Birth place

Rotherham, Yorkshire, England, UK


Rugby Player

Daughter of a Sheffield steelworker. Changed her name from Olga Wowk to Lisa Devereaux.


Lisa Carling Family

Lisa Carling's parents:

Lisa Carling's father is Wladyslaw Wowk Lisa Carling's mother is Olga Wowk

Lisa Carling's children:

Lisa Carling's son is Tom Cooke Lisa Carling's daughter is Tali Cooke Lisa Carling's son is Jack Carling Lisa Carling's daughter is Mimi Carling Lisa Carling's step-son is Henry Carling

Lisa Carling's current partners:

Lisa Carling's husband is Will Carling OBE

Lisa Carling's former partners:

Lisa Carling's former husband is David Cooke

Lisa Carling's siblings:

Lisa Carling's sister is Maria Wowk Lisa Carling's brother is Michael Wowk Lisa Carling's brother is Mark Wowk

Lisa Carling's in laws:

Lisa Carling's father in law is Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Carling Lisa Carling's mother in law was Pam Carling Lisa Carling's step-mother in law is Julie Carling Lisa Carling's brother in law is Marcus Carling