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Pete Buttigieg 
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Pete Buttigieg

Democratic Mayor of South Bend Indiana
Pete Buttigieg

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg




Tuesday 19 Jan 1982

Pete Buttigieg
Bio Details

Full name

Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg





Date of birth

Tuesday 19 Jan 1982

Birth place

South Bend, Indiana, USA

In March 2018 Politico magazine suggested that Buttigieg might take a run for president in 2020.
A number of publications have tried to clarify how to pronounce his name. Suggestions include: Boot-edge-edge, Boot-a-judge, Boo-ti-judge, Boo-tah-juhj and Buddha-judge.  He usually says, "just call me Pete".

Partners of 
Pete Buttigieg

Chasten Glezman


16 Jun 2018


Pete Buttigieg Family

Pete Buttigieg's parents:

Pete Buttigieg's father is Joseph Buttigieg Pete Buttigieg's mother is Jennifer Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg's current partners:

Pete Buttigieg's husband is Chasten Glezman

Pete Buttigieg's grandparents:

Pete Buttigieg's grandfather was Dr John Montgomery Pete Buttigieg's grandmother was Zoe Montgomery Pete Buttigieg's grandfather is Joseph Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg's great grandparents:

Pete Buttigieg's great grandfather is William Neal Pete Buttigieg's great grandmother is Maye Neal

Pete Buttigieg's in laws:

Pete Buttigieg's father in law is Terry Glezman Pete Buttigieg's mother in law is Sherri Glezman

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