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Morris Asner
Partner of 
Morris Asner

Morris Asner

Morris David Asner




Sunday 05 Jan 1879


18 May 1957

Morris Asner
Bio Details

Full name

Morris David Asner





Date of birth

Sunday 05 Jan 1879

Birth place

Vilnius, Lithuania

Date of death:

18 May 1957

Place of death

Providence Hospital, Kansas City, Kansas, USA


Scrap Metal Dealer

Partners of 
Morris Asner

Lizzie Asner


5 children together


Morris Asner Children

Ben Asner

born 1915, died 1986, age 71
with Lizzie Asner

Eva Asner

born 1916, died 2014, age 98
with Lizzie Asner

Esther Edelman

born 1919, died 2014, age 95
with Lizzie Asner

Labe Asner

born 1923, died 2017, age 93
with Lizzie Asner

Ed Asner

born 1929, died 2021, age 91
with Lizzie Asner

1970's TV Show Lou Grant Originally in The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Morris Asner Partner(s) Other Children


Morris Asner Family

Morris Asner's children:

Morris Asner's son was Ed Asner Morris Asner's son was Ben Asner Morris Asner's daughter was Eva Asner Morris Asner's daughter was Esther Edelman Morris Asner's son was Labe Asner

Morris Asner's current partners:

Morris Asner's wife was Lizzie Asner

Morris Asner's grandchildren:

Morris Asner's granddaughter is Liza Asner Morris Asner's grandson is Matthew Asner Morris Asner's granddaughter is Kate Asner Morris Asner's grandson is Charles Asner

Morris Asner's in laws:

Morris Asner's son in law is Milton Edelman

Morris Asner's former in laws:

Morris Asner's former son in law is Cindy Asner Morris Asner's former daughter in law was Nancy Sykes