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Michael Collins
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Michael Collins

Michael Collins

Michael Collins




Thursday 16 Oct 1890


22 Aug 1922

Michael Collins
Bio Details

Full name

Michael Collins





Date of birth

Thursday 16 Oct 1890

Birth place

County Cork, Ireland

Date of death:

22 Aug 1922

Place of death

County Cork, Ireland

Cause of death

Shot in Ambush




Irish Revolutionary Leader (Finished 1922)


Lisavair National School, Cork, Ireland

10 years in London

Michael Collins worked as a postal clerk and Stockbroker in London for 10 years

A leading Irish Revolutionary

Having taken part in the defeated 1916 Easter Rising against British rule in Ireland, Collins was appointed as the Director of Intelligence for the IRA and the minister of finance in the Republican government in 1919.  Following a period of guerrilla warfare against British attempts to crush the Republican movement, Collins acted as a chief negotiator in the peace talks with the British in 1921 which lead to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1922.  

Michael Collins Siblings

Margaret Collins-O'Driscoll


Partners of 
Michael Collins


Michael Collins Family

Michael Collins's parents:

Michael Collins's father was Michael Collins Michael Collins's mother was Marianne Collins

Michael Collins's siblings:

Michael Collins's sister was Margaret Collins-O'Driscoll

Michael Collins's nieces and nephews:

Michael Collins's nephew was Fachtnan Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's nephew was Finian Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece was Mary Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece was Eva Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece is Margaret Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece is Una Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece was Patricia Collins-O'Driscoll Michael Collins's niece was Finola Collins-O'Driscoll

Michael Collins's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Michael Collins's great niece is Maureen Kirwan