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Tim Craig
Partners of 
Tim Craig

Tim Craig

Timothy John Wroughton Craig


77 (approx.)




20 Aug 2020

Tim Craig
Bio Details

Full name

Timothy John Wroughton Craig




77 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:

20 Aug 2020

Cause of death

Liver cancer



British Merchant Navy

Recruitment Agency Owner

Partners of 
Tim Craig

Kirsty Craig


1 child together


Shirley Craig


married about 1974
divorce before 1988

Olivia Craig


2 children together

Tim Craig Children

Lia Craig

born 1965, age 56 (approx.)
with Olivia Craig

Sister of Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

born 1968, age 53
with Olivia Craig

Bond 007 Actor

Harry Craig

born 1991, age 30 (approx.)
with Kirsty Craig

Tim Craig Partner(s) Other Children


Tim Craig Family

Tim Craig's parents:

Tim Craig's father was William Craig Tim Craig's mother was Rosalinde Craig

Tim Craig's children:

Tim Craig's son is Daniel Craig Tim Craig's daughter is Lia Craig Tim Craig's son is Harry Craig

Tim Craig's current partners:

Tim Craig's wife was Olivia Craig Tim Craig's wife was Kirsty Craig

Tim Craig's former partners:

Tim Craig's former wife is Shirley Craig

Tim Craig's grandparents:

Tim Craig's grandfather is Howard Jones Tim Craig's grandmother was Rosa Jones Tim Craig's grandfather was William Craig Tim Craig's grandmother was Mary Craig

Tim Craig's great grandparents:

Tim Craig's great grandfather was Charles Mayvore Smith Tim Craig's great grandmother was Grace Matilda Smith Tim Craig's great grandfather is John Jones Tim Craig's great grandmother is Marion Jones   Tim Craig's great great grandfather was John Chardin Wroughton Tim Craig's great great grandmother was Georgiana Grace Wroughton Tim Craig's great great grandfather is George Smith

Tim Craig's grandchildren:

Tim Craig's granddaughter is Ella Craig Tim Craig's granddaughter is Daughter-of-Daniel-and Rachel Craig

Tim Craig's in laws:

Tim Craig's daughter in law is Rachel Weisz Tim Craig's father in law was Olwyn Williams Tim Craig's mother in law is Doris Williams

Tim Craig's former in laws:

Tim Craig's former daughter in law is Harley Loudon