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Partner of 
Maria Ewing
Maria Ewing

Partners of 
Maria Ewing

Sir Peter Hall CBE


1 child together

married 14 Feb 1982
divorce 1990

Maria Ewing
Bio Details

Full name

Maria Louise Ewing





Date of birth

Monday 27 Mar 1950

Birth place

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Date of death:

9 Jan 2022

Place of death

At her home near Detroit, Michigan, USA


Opera Singer


Finney High School, Detroit, Michigan, United States

Maria Ewing Siblings

Norma Koleta


Carol Pancratz


Francis Ewing


Pierre Ewing


other parent: Maggie Ewing

Maria Ewing

Maria Louise Ewing




Monday 27 Mar 1950


9 Jan 2022

Maria Ewing Partner(s) Other Children

Maria Ewing Children

Rebecca Hall

born 1982, age 39
with Sir Peter Hall CBE

Bafta Award Winning Actress


Maria Ewing Family

Maria Ewing's parents:

Maria Ewing's father was Norman Ewing Maria Ewing's mother was Hermina M Merrick Maria Ewing's step-mother was Maggie Ewing

Maria Ewing's children:

Maria Ewing's daughter is Rebecca Hall

Maria Ewing's former partners:

Maria Ewing's former husband was Sir Peter Hall CBE

Maria Ewing's siblings:

Maria Ewing's sister is Norma Koleta Maria Ewing's sister is Carol Pancratz Maria Ewing's sister is Francis Ewing Maria Ewing's half-brother is Pierre Ewing

Maria Ewing's grandparents:

Maria Ewing's grandfather is Robertus Veraar Maria Ewing's grandmother was Hermina M Vernellen Maria Ewing's grandfather is John Ewing Maria Ewing's grandmother is Hattie Norman

Maria Ewing's step-grandparents:

Maria Ewing's step-grandfather was Joe Culbertson Maria Ewing's step-grandmother was Isabel Culbertson Maria Ewing's step-grandfather was Eugene Abbott

Maria Ewing's in laws:

Maria Ewing's son in law is Morgan Spector

Maria Ewing's former in laws:

Maria Ewing's former father in law is Reginald Hall Maria Ewing's former mother in law is Grace Hall Maria Ewing's former husband Sir Peter Hall CBE's uncle in law is Ted Pamment Maria Ewing's former husband Sir Peter Hall CBE's aunt-by-marriage is Vera Pamment Maria Ewing's former husband Sir Peter Hall CBE's aunt in law is Gee Rainbird Maria Ewing's former husband Sir Peter Hall CBE's uncle-by-marriage is Hugh Rainbird