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Partners of 
Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall

Partners of 
Rebecca Hall

Morgan Spector


26 Sep 2015

Sir Sam Mendes CBE


relationship began before Nov 2011
until circa Mar 2015

Freddie Stevenson


relationship began 2003
until 2004

Rebecca Hall
Bio Details

Full name

Rebecca Maria Hall





Date of birth

Wednesday 19 May 1982

Birth place

Queen Charlotte's Hospital for Women, London, England, UK




Roedean School, Brighton, East Sussex, England, United Kingdom

Cambridge University : St Catharine's College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Cumnor House School, Sussex, England, United Kingdom


2010 - Best Supporting Actress - Red Riding 1974

Rebecca Hall Siblings

Chris Hall


other parent: Leslie Caron

Jennifer Hall


other parent: Leslie Caron

Edward Hall


other parent: Jacqueline Taylor

Lucy Edwards


other parent: Jacqueline Taylor

Emma Hall


other parent: Nicki Frei

Bafta Award Winning Actress
Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Maria Hall




Wednesday 19 May 1982


Rebecca Hall Family

Rebecca Hall's parents:

Rebecca Hall's father was Sir Peter Hall CBE Rebecca Hall's mother was Maria Ewing Rebecca Hall's step-mother is Nicki Frei

Rebecca Hall's former step-parents:

Rebecca Hall's former step-mother is Leslie Caron Rebecca Hall's former step-mother is Jacqueline Taylor

Rebecca Hall's current partners:

Rebecca Hall's husband is Morgan Spector

Rebecca Hall's former partners:

Rebecca Hall had a relationship with Sir Sam Mendes CBE Rebecca Hall had a relationship with Freddie Stevenson

Rebecca Hall's siblings:

Rebecca Hall's half-sister is Jennifer Hall Rebecca Hall's half-brother is Chris Hall Rebecca Hall's half-brother is Edward Hall Rebecca Hall's half-sister is Lucy Edwards Rebecca Hall's half-sister is Emma Hall

Rebecca Hall's nieces and nephews:

Rebecca Hall's nephew is Freddie Hall Rebecca Hall's nephew is Ben Hall Rebecca Hall's niece is Stephanie Clive Rebecca Hall's niece is Georgia Hall

Rebecca Hall's grandparents:

Rebecca Hall's grandfather was Norman Ewing Rebecca Hall's grandmother was Hermina M Merrick Rebecca Hall's grandfather is Reginald Hall Rebecca Hall's grandmother is Grace Hall

Rebecca Hall's great grandparents:

Rebecca Hall's great grandfather is Robertus Veraar Rebecca Hall's great grandmother was Hermina M Vernellen Rebecca Hall's great grandfather is John Ewing Rebecca Hall's great grandmother is Hattie Norman

Rebecca Hall's step-grandparents:

Rebecca Hall's step-grandmother was Maggie Ewing

Rebecca Hall's former step-grandparents:

Rebecca Hall's former step-grandfather is Claude Caron Rebecca Hall's former step-grandmother is Margaret Caron

Rebecca Hall's uncles and aunts:

Rebecca Hall's aunt is Norma Koleta Rebecca Hall's aunt is Carol Pancratz Rebecca Hall's aunt is Francis Ewing Rebecca Hall's uncle is Pierre Ewing

Rebecca Hall's great uncles and aunts:

Rebecca Hall's great uncle is Ted Pamment Rebecca Hall's great aunt is Gee Rainbird

Rebecca Hall's first cousins once removed:

Rebecca Hall's first cousin once removed is Jean Pamment Rebecca Hall's first cousin once removed is Roger Pamment

Rebecca Hall's in laws:

Rebecca Hall's father in law is Stephen Spector Rebecca Hall's mother in law is Jane McDonough

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