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Peter Stringfellow
Partners of 
Peter Stringfellow

Founder of Stringfellows gentleman's club. Self-styled 'King of Clubs'
Peter Stringfellow

Peter James Stringfellow




Thursday 17 Oct 1940


7 Jun 2018

Peter Stringfellow
Bio Details

Full name

Peter James Stringfellow





Date of birth

Thursday 17 Oct 1940

Birth place

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, UK

Date of death:

7 Jun 2018

Cause of death



Nightclub Owner

Jail Bird

In 960 Stringfellow was a door-to-door salesman, but was caught stealing extra stock to sell on and was sentenced to 3 months in prison. 

Famous Faces

Over the years Stringfellows has attracted all manner of A-list celebrities- Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Professor Stephen Hawkins, Christian Slater and many, many others.  As well as this he has booked some of the world's most famous bands and musicians for his clubs - The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, The Who & Elton John to name but a few.

Peter Stringfellow Siblings

Geoffrey Stringfellow


Paul Stringfellow


Terry Stringfellow


Partners of 
Peter Stringfellow

Bella Stringfellow


2 children together

14 Feb 2009

Deborah Thewlis


dated from about 1997

Helen Benoist


relationship began 1996
until 1998

Frizzby Fox


relationship began 1984
until 1996

Coral Wright


married 1966
divorce 1984

Norma Williams


1 child together

married 26 Dec 1960
divorce about 1965

Lucy Carr


Peter Stringfellow Children

Karen Stringfellow

born 1963, age 55 (approx.)
with Norma Williams

Scott Stringfellow

born 1966, age 52 (approx.)
with Coral Wright

Rosabella Stringfellow

born 2013, age 4 (approx.)
with Bella Stringfellow

Angelo Stringfellow

born 2015, age 2 (approx.)
with Bella Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow Partner(s) Other Children


Peter Stringfellow Family

Peter Stringfellow's parents:

Peter Stringfellow's father was James Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's mother was Elsie Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow's children:

Peter Stringfellow's daughter is Karen Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's son is Scott Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's daughter is Rosabella Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's son is Angelo Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow's current partners:

Peter Stringfellow's wife was Bella Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow dated Lucy Carr

Peter Stringfellow's former partners:

Peter Stringfellow dated Deborah Thewlis Peter Stringfellow had a relationship with Helen Benoist Peter Stringfellow had a relationship with Frizzby Fox Peter Stringfellow's former wife is Coral Wright Peter Stringfellow's former wife is Norma Williams

Peter Stringfellow's siblings:

Peter Stringfellow's brother is Geoffrey Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's brother is Paul Stringfellow Peter Stringfellow's brother is Terry Stringfellow

Peter Stringfellow's in laws:

Peter Stringfellow's father in law is Neil Wright Peter Stringfellow's mother in law is Graziella Wright