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Sean Hannity
Partners of 
Sean Hannity

American talk show host & conservative political commentator
Sean Hannity

Sean Patrick Hannity




Saturday 30 Dec 1961

Sean Hannity
Bio Details

Full name

Sean Patrick Hannity





Date of birth

Saturday 30 Dec 1961

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA


New York University, New York, United States

Adelphi University, Garden City, New York, United States

Sacred Heart Seminary, Hempstead, New York, United States

St Pius X Seminary, Uniondale (formerly Hempstead), New York, United States

Courting Controversy

Over the years Hannity has courted controversy with a variety of spurious claims - claiming President Obama was born in Kenya, defending Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood tapes by saying “King David had 500 concubines, for crying out loud.”, claiming Hilary Clinton was drunk at a rally, alleging that Hilary Clinton had a DNC staffer killed, referring to AIDS as 'the gay disease', and advocating water boarding and other kinds of 'enhanced interrogation'.

Sean Hannity Siblings

Therese Grisham


Mary-Jo Kuchta


Coleen Hannity


Partners of 
Sean Hannity

Jill Hannity


2 children together

9 Jan 1993

Sean Hannity Children

Patrick Hannity

born 1998, age 19
with Jill Hannity

Kelly Hannity

born 2002, age 16 (approx.)
with Jill Hannity

Sean Hannity Partner(s) Other Children


Sean Hannity Family

Sean Hannity's parents:

Sean Hannity's father was Hugh Hannity Sean Hannity's mother was Lillian Hannity

Sean Hannity's children:

Sean Hannity's son is Patrick Hannity Sean Hannity's daughter is Kelly Hannity

Sean Hannity's current partners:

Sean Hannity's wife is Jill Hannity

Sean Hannity's siblings:

Sean Hannity's sister is Therese Grisham Sean Hannity's sister is Mary-Jo Kuchta Sean Hannity's sister was Coleen Hannity

Sean Hannity's grandparents:

Sean Hannity's grandfather is Cornelius Flynn Sean Hannity's grandfather was Hugh Hannity Sean Hannity's grandmother was Margaret Hannity

Sean Hannity's great grandparents:

Sean Hannity's great grandfather was Patrick McConville Sean Hannity's great grandmother was Margaret McConville

Sean Hannity's step-grandparents:

Sean Hannity's step-grandmother was Elizabeth Hannity

Sean Hannity's uncles and aunts:

Sean Hannity's uncle was Lawrence T. Hannity Sean Hannity's uncle was Edward J Hannity Sean Hannity's aunt was Elizabeth Henson

Sean Hannity's in laws:

Sean Hannity's father in law is Col. Thomas Rhodes Sean Hannity's mother in law is Mrs James Shaw Sean Hannity's step-father in law is James Shaw