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Partners of 
Lucille Ray
Lucille Ray

Partners of 
Lucille Ray

George Ray


9 children together

married about 1927
divorce about 1959

Lucille Ray
Bio Details

Full name

Lucille Ray

Maiden name

Lucille Maher



Date of death:


Lucille Ray Siblings

William E. Maher


Lucille Ray

Lucille Ray



Lucille Ray Partner(s) Other Children

Lucille Ray Children

Carol Pepper

with George Ray

James Earl Ray

born 1928, died 1998, age 70
with George Ray

Assassin of Martin Luther King Jr.

John Ray

born 1932, age 86 (approx.)
with George Ray

Margie Ray

born 1934, died 1940, age 6 (approx.)
with George Ray

Jerry Ray

born 1935, age 82
with George Ray

Melba Ray

born 1939, age 79 (approx.)
with George Ray

Frank Ray

born 1944, died 1963, age 19 (approx.)
with George Ray

Susan Ray

born 1947, died 1994, age 46 (approx.)
with George Ray

Max Ray

born 1951, age 67 (approx.)
with George Ray


Lucille Ray Family

Lucille Ray's children:

Lucille Ray's son was James Earl Ray Lucille Ray's daughter is Carol Pepper Lucille Ray's son is John Ray Lucille Ray's daughter was Margie Ray Lucille Ray's son is Jerry Ray Lucille Ray's daughter is Melba Ray Lucille Ray's son was Frank Ray Lucille Ray's daughter was Susan Ray Lucille Ray's son is Max Ray

Lucille Ray's former partners:

Lucille Ray's former husband was George Ray

Lucille Ray's siblings:

Lucille Ray's brother is William E. Maher

Lucille Ray's grandchildren:

Lucille Ray's grandson is Michael Ray

Lucille Ray's in laws:

Lucille Ray's son in law is Albert Pepper Lucille Ray's daughter in law is Carol Sartin

Lucille Ray's former in laws:

Lucille Ray's former father in law was James Ray Lucille Ray's former mother in law was Lillian Ray Lucille Ray's former brother in law is Earl Ray