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John Bolton
Partners of 
John Bolton

Former US National Security Advisor
25th US Ambassador to the United Nations
John Bolton

John Robert Bolton




Saturday 20 Nov 1948

John Bolton
Bio Details

John Bolton Siblings

Joni Rae Bolton


Partners of 
John Bolton

Gretchen Smith Bolton


1 child together

24 Jan 1986

Christine Bolton


married 6 May 1972
divorce 4 Dec 1984

John Bolton Children

Jennifer Bolton

with Gretchen Smith Bolton

John Bolton Partner(s) Other Children


John Bolton Family

John Bolton's parents:

John Bolton's father was Jack Bolton John Bolton's mother was Ginny Bolton

John Bolton's children:

John Bolton's daughter is Jennifer Bolton

John Bolton's current partners:

John Bolton's wife is Gretchen Smith Bolton

John Bolton's former partners:

John Bolton's former wife is Christine Bolton

John Bolton's siblings:

John Bolton's sister is Joni Rae Bolton

John Bolton's grandparents:

John Bolton's grandfather is John Godfrey John Bolton's grandmother is Carylon Bolton John Bolton's grandfather is John Bolton John Bolton's grandmother is Margaret Bolton

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