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Partners of 
Tippi Hedren
Tippi Hedren

Partners of 
Tippi Hedren

Martin Dinnes

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2002
until about Jun 2008

Luis Barrenechea


married 1985
divorce 1995

Noel Marshall


married 22 Sep 1964
divorce 1982

Peter Griffith


1 child together

married 1952
divorce 1961

Tippi Hedren
Bio Details

Full name

Nathalie Kay Hedren

Maiden name

Nathalie Kay Hedren

Also known as

Tippi Griffith

Nathalie Kay Griffith

Tippi Marshall

Nathalie Kay Marshall

Tippi Barrenechea

Nathalie Kay Barrenechea





Date of birth

Sunday 19 Jan 1930

Birth place

New Ulm, Minnesota, USA



Animal Rights Activist

Golden Globes

1964 - New Star of the Year - The Birds

Tippi Hedren Siblings

Patty Davis


American Model and Actress
Starred in Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds
Tippi Hedren

Nathalie Kay Hedren




Sunday 19 Jan 1930

Tippi Hedren Partner(s) Other Children

Tippi Hedren Children

Melanie Griffith

born 1957, age 60
with Peter Griffith

Film Star


Tippi Hedren Family

Tippi Hedren's parents:

Tippi Hedren's father is Bernard Hedren Tippi Hedren's mother is Dorothea Hedren

Tippi Hedren's children:

Tippi Hedren's daughter is Melanie Griffith

Tippi Hedren's former partners:

Tippi Hedren is the former fiance of Martin Dinnes Tippi Hedren's former husband is Luis Barrenechea Tippi Hedren's former husband was Noel Marshall Tippi Hedren's former husband was Peter Griffith

Tippi Hedren's siblings:

Tippi Hedren's sister is Patty Davis

Tippi Hedren's grandchildren:

Tippi Hedren's granddaughter is Dakota Johnson Tippi Hedren's grandson is Alexander Bauer Tippi Hedren's granddaughter is Stella Banderas

Tippi Hedren's former in laws:

Tippi Hedren's former son in law is Antonio Banderas Tippi Hedren's former son in law is Don Johnson Tippi Hedren's former son in law is Steven Bauer Tippi Hedren's former father in law is Ben E Griffith Tippi Hedren's former mother in law is Hilda Griffith Tippi Hedren's former brother in law is Sally Ann Griffith

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