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William Hurt
Partners of 
William Hurt

American Actor
William Hurt

William McChord Hurt




Monday 20 Mar 1950


13 Mar 2022

William Hurt
Bio Details

Full name

William McChord Hurt





Date of birth

Monday 20 Mar 1950

Birth place

Washington D.C., USA

Date of death:

13 Mar 2022

William Hurt Siblings

James H. Hurt


Kenneth D. O'Sullivan


other parent: Daniel J. O'Sullivan

Lila Luce


step parent: Hank Luce III

H. Christopher Luce


step parent: Hank Luce III

Partners of 
William Hurt

Sandrine Bonnaire


1 child together

relationship began circa 1991

Heidi Henderson


2 children together

married 5 Mar 1989
divorce 1 Aug 1993

Marlee Matlin


relationship began after 1983
until before 1993

Sandra Jennings


1 child together

relationship began 1981
until 1983

Mary Beth Hurt


married 1971
divorce 1982

William Hurt Children

Alexander Hurt

born 1983, age 39 (approx.)
with Sandra Jennings

Samuel Hurt

born 1989, age 33 (approx.)
with Heidi Henderson

William Hurt

born 1990, age 32 (approx.)
with Heidi Henderson

Jeanne Hurt

born 1994, age 28
with Sandrine Bonnaire

William Hurt Partner(s) Other Children


William Hurt Family

William Hurt's parents:

William Hurt's father was Alfred Hurt William Hurt's mother was Claire Isabelle Luce William Hurt's step-father was Hank Luce III

William Hurt's former step-parents:

William Hurt's former step-father is Daniel J. O'Sullivan

William Hurt's children:

William Hurt's son is Alexander Hurt William Hurt's son is Samuel Hurt William Hurt's son is William Hurt William Hurt's daughter is Jeanne Hurt

William Hurt's former partners:

William Hurt had a relationship with Marlee Matlin William Hurt had a relationship with Sandrine Bonnaire William Hurt's former wife is Heidi Henderson William Hurt had a relationship with Sandra Jennings William Hurt's former wife is Mary Beth Hurt

William Hurt's siblings:

William Hurt's brother is James H. Hurt William Hurt's half-brother is Kenneth D. O'Sullivan William Hurt's step-sister is Lila Luce William Hurt's step-brother is H. Christopher Luce

William Hurt's grandparents:

William Hurt's grandfather was Frederick T. McGill William Hurt's grandmother was Catherine Williams William Hurt's grandfather is William Hurt William Hurt's grandmother is Laura Hurt

William Hurt's great grandparents:

William Hurt's great grandfather was Alexander Rogers

William Hurt's step-grandparents:

William Hurt's step-grandfather was Henry Luce William Hurt's step-grandmother was Lila Tyng William Hurt's step-grandmother was Clare Boothe Luce William Hurt's step-grandfather is Fred Williams

William Hurt's former in laws:

William Hurt's former father in law was Forrest Clayton Supinger William Hurt's former mother in law was Dolores Supinger William Hurt's former grandfather in law was Lee Andre William Hurt's former grandmother in law was Opal I Andre William Hurt's former sister in law was Dr. Andrea Struss-Kirchner

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