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Valerie Profumo
Partners of 
Valerie Profumo

Valerie Profumo

Valerie Babette Louise Profumo




Saturday 14 Apr 1917


13 Nov 1998

Valerie Profumo
Bio Details

Full name

Valerie Babette Louise Profumo

Maiden name

Valerie Babette Louise Hobson

Also known as

Valerie Havelock-Allen





Date of birth

Saturday 14 Apr 1917

Birth place

Larne, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK

Date of death:

13 Nov 1998

Place of death

Westminster, London, England, UK

Partners of 
Valerie Profumo

Jack Profumo


1 child together

31 Dec 1954

Anthony Havelock-Allen


2 children together

married 12 Apr 1939
divorce 1 Aug 1952

Valerie Profumo Children

Simon Havelock-Allen

born 1944, died 1991, age 46
with Anthony Havelock-Allen

Sir Mark Havelock-Allen

born 1951, age 68
with Anthony Havelock-Allen

David Profumo

born 1955, age 64
with Jack Profumo

Valerie Profumo Partner(s) Other Children


Valerie Profumo Family

Valerie Profumo's parents:

Valerie Profumo's father is Commander Robert Hobson Valerie Profumo's mother was Violette Hobson

Valerie Profumo's children:

Valerie Profumo's son was Simon Havelock-Allen Valerie Profumo's son is Sir Mark Havelock-Allen Valerie Profumo's son is David Profumo

Valerie Profumo's current partners:

Valerie Profumo's husband was Jack Profumo

Valerie Profumo's former partners:

Valerie Profumo's former husband is Anthony Havelock-Allen

Valerie Profumo's in laws:

Valerie Profumo's father in law was Albert Profumo, Baron Profumo Valerie Profumo's mother in law is Martha Profumo Valerie Profumo's grandfather in law is Joseph Profumo, 3rd Baron Profumo Valerie Profumo's sister in law is Mary Balfour