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Maya Ivanov
Maya Ivanov

Partners of 
Maya Ivanov

Eugene Ivanov


married 1953
divorce about 1983

Maya Ivanov
Bio Details

Full name

Maya Ivanov

Maiden name

Maya Gorkina






Moscow University, Moscow, Russia

During her time in London Maya worked in the radio intercept department listening in on telephone and radio traffic around the Russian residence.  Having also served in Norway she was considered an expert on that country able to speak the language fluently. 

Maya Ivanov Siblings

Irina Konstantinov


Maya Ivanov

Maya Ivanov


Maya Ivanov Family

Maya Ivanov's parents:

Maya Ivanov's father was Aleksandr F Gorkin

Maya Ivanov's former partners:

Maya Ivanov's former husband was Eugene Ivanov

Maya Ivanov's siblings:

Maya Ivanov's sister is Irina Konstantinov

Maya Ivanov's former in laws:

Maya Ivanov's former father in law was Mikhail Parmenovich Ivanov Maya Ivanov's former mother in law was Maria Leonidovna Kaurova Maya Ivanov's former brother in law was Vitya Ivanov Maya Ivanov's former husband Eugene Ivanov's aunt in law was Anna Kaurova