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Fats Domino
Partner of 
Fats Domino

Rock & Roll Legend
Fats Domino

Antoine Domino




Sunday 26 Feb 1928

Fats Domino
Bio Details

Full name

Antoine Domino





Date of birth

Sunday 26 Feb 1928

Birth place

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


Rock and Roll Singer


Considered as one of the creators of Rock'n'roll, he sold a enormous number of records throughout the 1950s making him the biggest selling rhythm and blues artist of that era.
Sold over 65 million albums throughout his career and achieved hit record success with the likes of "Blueberry Hill," "Ain't That a Shame" and "I'm Walkin".
It is reported that during tours he would take 200 pairs of shoes and 30 suits with him.
Always ended his shows by pushing his piano off stage with his stomach.
His first language was French.
Was only 10 years old when he first played the piano in public and gain the nickname Fats at his first ever professional gig by Billy Diamond.

Grammy Awards

1987 - Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
His house was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and he lost many of the gold discs he had been awarded throughout his career.
Dubbed as "The Real King of Rock'n'Roll" by Elvis Presely

Fats Domino Siblings

John Domino


Philones Verrett


Aristile Domino Sr.


Joseph Domino


Lawrence Domino Sr.


Morris King Domino


Partners of 
Fats Domino

Rosemary Domino


7 children together

6 Aug 1947

Fats Domino Children

Adonica Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Antoine III Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Anatole Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Andre Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Antonio Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Andrea Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Anola Domino

with Rosemary Domino

Fats Domino Partner(s) Other Children


Fats Domino Family

Fats Domino's parents:

Fats Domino's father was Antoine Domino Sr Fats Domino's mother was Donatile Domino

Fats Domino's children:

Fats Domino's daughter is Adonica Domino Fats Domino's son is Antoine III Domino Fats Domino's son is Anatole Domino Fats Domino's son is Andre Domino Fats Domino's son is Antonio Domino Fats Domino's daughter is Andrea Domino Fats Domino's daughter is Anola Domino

Fats Domino's current partners:

Fats Domino's wife was Rosemary Domino

Fats Domino's siblings:

Fats Domino's brother was John Domino Fats Domino's sister was Philones Verrett Fats Domino's brother was Aristile Domino Sr. Fats Domino's brother was Joseph Domino Fats Domino's brother was Lawrence Domino Sr. Fats Domino's brother was Morris King Domino

Fats Domino's grandparents:

Fats Domino's grandfather was Pierre Gros Fats Domino's grandmother was Marguerite Gros

Fats Domino's in laws:

Fats Domino's father in law was Jackson Hall Fats Domino's mother in law was Rita Hall Fats Domino's grandfather in law was Ferdinand Lepage Fats Domino's sister in law is Katie McKissicks Fats Domino's sister in law is Arlette Davis Fats Domino's sister in law is Eva Braud Fats Domino's brother in law is Jackson V. Hall Fats Domino's brother in law is Reginald Hall

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