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Partners of 
Liz Dawn MBE
Liz Dawn MBE

Partners of 
Liz Dawn MBE

Don Ibbertson


3 children together

Jan 1965

Walter Bradley


1 child together

married 26 Dec 1957
divorce about 1960

Liz Dawn MBE
Bio Details

Full name

Elizabeth Dawn

Maiden name

Sylvia Butterfield

Also known as

Liz Ibbetson

Liz Bradley





Date of birth

Wednesday 08 Nov 1939

Birth place

Middlesbrough, England, UK

Date of death:

25 Sep 2017



Liz Dawn MBE Siblings

Maisie Nelson


Coronation Street's Vera Duckworth
Liz Dawn MBE

Elizabeth Dawn




Wednesday 08 Nov 1939


25 Sep 2017

Liz Dawn MBE Partner(s) Other Children

Liz Dawn MBE Children

Graham Ibbetson

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with Walter Bradley

Elizabeth Ibbertson

born 1965, age 53 (approx.)
with Don Ibbertson

Ann-Marie Ibbertson

born 1966, age 52 (approx.)
with Don Ibbertson

Julie Ibbertson

born 1968, age 50 (approx.)
with Don Ibbertson


Liz Dawn MBE Family

Liz Dawn MBE's parents:

Liz Dawn MBE's father was Albert Butterfield Liz Dawn MBE's mother was Annie Butterfield

Liz Dawn MBE's children:

Liz Dawn MBE's son is Graham Ibbetson Liz Dawn MBE's daughter is Elizabeth Ibbertson Liz Dawn MBE's daughter is Ann-Marie Ibbertson Liz Dawn MBE's daughter is Julie Ibbertson

Liz Dawn MBE's current partners:

Liz Dawn MBE's husband was Don Ibbertson

Liz Dawn MBE's former partners:

Liz Dawn MBE's former husband is Walter Bradley

Liz Dawn MBE's siblings:

Liz Dawn MBE's sister was Maisie Nelson

Liz Dawn MBE's nieces and nephews:

Liz Dawn MBE's nephew is Christopher Nelson Liz Dawn MBE's niece is Sarah Nelson

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