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Hisashi Owada
Partner of 
Hisashi Owada

The Father of the Future Empress of Japan
Hisashi Owada

Judge Hisashi Owada

Hisashi Owada
Bio Details

Full name

Judge Hisashi Owada

Also known as

Owada Hisashi



Birth place

Shibata, Niigata Prefecture, Japan





Professor (1963)

Judge At The Hague (2003)

President Of The Hague (2009)


University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Cambridge University : Trinity College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom

Served as Japan's representative to the United Nations and as a Judge and President of The Hague, The international Court of Justice.

Partners of 
Hisashi Owada

Yumiko Owada


3 children together

Hisashi Owada Children

Setsuko Owada

died 1967
with Yumiko Owada

Crown Princess Masako

born 1963, age 54
with Yumiko Owada

The Future Empress of Japan

Reiko Owada

born 1967, age 51 (approx.)
with Yumiko Owada

Hisashi Owada Partner(s) Other Children


Hisashi Owada Family

Hisashi Owada's children:

Hisashi Owada's daughter is Crown Princess Masako Hisashi Owada's daughter was Setsuko Owada Hisashi Owada's daughter is Reiko Owada

Hisashi Owada's current partners:

Hisashi Owada's wife is Yumiko Owada

Hisashi Owada's grandchildren:

Hisashi Owada's granddaughter is Princess Aiko

Hisashi Owada's in laws:

Hisashi Owada's son in law is Crown Prince Naruhito