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Jerry Lewis
Partners of 
Jerry Lewis

American comic legend
Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis




Tuesday 16 Mar 1926


20 Aug 2017

Jerry Lewis
Bio Details

Full name

Jerry Lewis

Maiden name

Jerome Levitch

Also known as

Joseph Levitch





Date of birth

Tuesday 16 Mar 1926

Birth place

Newark, New Jersey, USA

Date of death:

20 Aug 2017

Place of death

At his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Partners of 
Jerry Lewis

SanDee Pitnick


1 child together

13 Feb 1983

Lynn Dixon


1 child together

affair from circa 1955

Patti Palmer


6 children together

married 3 Oct 1944
divorce 1980

Jerry Lewis Children

Gary Lewis

born 1946, age 71
with Patti Palmer

Ronnie Lewis

born 1949, age 69 (approx.)
with Patti Palmer

Suzan Lewis

born 1955 (ca.), age 63 (ca.)
with Lynn Dixon

Scott Lewis

born 1956, age 62
with Patti Palmer

Christopher Lewis

born 1957, age 60 (approx.)
with Patti Palmer

Anthony Lewis

born 1959, age 58 (approx.)
with Patti Palmer

Joseph Lewis

born 1964, died 2009, age 45 (approx.)
with Patti Palmer

Danielle Lewis

born 1992, age 26
adopted with SanDee Pitnick

Jerry Lewis Partner(s) Other Children


Jerry Lewis Family

Jerry Lewis's parents:

Jerry Lewis's father was Daniel Levitch Jerry Lewis's mother was Rae Levitch

Jerry Lewis's children:

Jerry Lewis's son is Gary Lewis Jerry Lewis's son is Ronnie Lewis Jerry Lewis's daughter is Suzan Lewis Jerry Lewis's son is Scott Lewis Jerry Lewis's son is Christopher Lewis Jerry Lewis's son is Anthony Lewis Jerry Lewis's son was Joseph Lewis Jerry Lewis's adopted daughter is Danielle Lewis

Jerry Lewis's current partners:

Jerry Lewis's wife was SanDee Pitnick

Jerry Lewis's former partners:

Jerry Lewis had an affair with Lynn Dixon Jerry Lewis's former husband is Patti Palmer

Jerry Lewis's grandparents:

Jerry Lewis's grandfather was Jonah Brodsky Jerry Lewis's grandmother was Sasha Brodsky Jerry Lewis's grandfather was Morris Levitch Jerry Lewis's grandmother was Hannah Levitch

Jerry Lewis's great grandparents:

Jerry Lewis's great grandfather was Isaac Werstein

Jerry Lewis's grandchildren:

Jerry Lewis's grandson is Bobby Lewis Jerry Lewis's grandson is Dan Lewis

Jerry Lewis's uncles and aunts:

Jerry Lewis's aunt is Rose Brodsky Jerry Lewis's aunt is Jean Brodsky Jerry Lewis's aunt is Elizabeth Brodsky

Jerry Lewis's in laws:

Jerry Lewis's son in law is Kim Lewis

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