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Clive Froome
Partners of 
Clive Froome

Clive Froome

Clive Froome


71 (approx.)



Clive Froome
Bio Details

Full name

Clive Froome

Also known as

Noz Froome




71 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

England, UK

Known as "Noz". Even by his sons.

Partners of 
Clive Froome

Jenny Froome


1993 (ca.)

Jane Froome


3 children together

married before 1976
divorce before 1993

Clive Froome Children

Jeremy Froome

born 1976, age 42 (approx.)
with Jane Froome

Jonathan Froome

born 1978, age 40 (approx.)
with Jane Froome

Chris Froome OBE

born 1985, age 33
with Jane Froome

Olympic Medalist and 4 times winner of Tour de France

Clive Froome Partner(s) Other Children


Clive Froome Family

Clive Froome's children:

Clive Froome's son is Chris Froome OBE Clive Froome's son is Jeremy Froome Clive Froome's son is Jonathan Froome

Clive Froome's current partners:

Clive Froome's wife is Jenny Froome

Clive Froome's former partners:

Clive Froome's former wife was Jane Froome

Clive Froome's grandchildren:

Clive Froome's grandson is Kellan Froome

Clive Froome's in laws:

Clive Froome's daughter in law is Michelle Froome

Clive Froome's former in laws:

Clive Froome's former father in law is Patrick Flatt Clive Froome's former mother in law is Patricia Flatt