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Partner of 
Ann Blyth
Ann Blyth

Partners of 
Ann Blyth

James McNulty


5 children together

27 Jun 1953

Ann Blyth
Bio Details

Full name

Ann Marie Blyth





Date of birth

Thursday 16 Aug 1928

Birth place

New York, USA



Musical Theatre Actress

Child Actress

Ann Blyth

Ann Marie Blyth




Thursday 16 Aug 1928

Ann Blyth Partner(s) Other Children

Ann Blyth Children

Timothy McNulty

born 1954, age 64
with James McNulty

Maureen McNulty

born 1955, age 62
with James McNulty

Kathleen McNulty

born 1957, age 60
with James McNulty

Terence McNulty

born 1960, age 57
with James McNulty

Eileen McNulty

born 1963, age 55
with James McNulty


Ann Blyth Family

Ann Blyth's parents:

Ann Blyth's father was Harry Blyth Ann Blyth's mother was Nan Blyth

Ann Blyth's children:

Ann Blyth's son is Timothy McNulty Ann Blyth's daughter is Maureen McNulty Ann Blyth's daughter is Kathleen McNulty Ann Blyth's son is Terence McNulty Ann Blyth's daughter is Eileen McNulty

Ann Blyth's current partners:

Ann Blyth's husband was James McNulty

Ann Blyth's in laws:

Ann Blyth's brother in law was Dennis Day Ann Blyth's father in law was Patrick McNulty Ann Blyth's mother in law was Mary McNulty Ann Blyth's sister in law-by-marriage was Peggy McNulty

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