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Tim Jefferies
Partners of 
Tim Jefferies

Green Shield Stamps Heir
Tim Jefferies

Tim Jefferies




Tuesday 07 Nov 1961

Tim Jefferies
Bio Details

Full name

Tim Jefferies





Date of birth

Tuesday 07 Nov 1961


Art Gallery Owner

Art Dealer

Tim Jeffries is the grandson of Richard Tompkins, founder of Green Shield Stamps and Argos, and is widely known as the Green Shields Stamps heir. 

Partners of 
Tim Jefferies

Malin Jefferies


2 children together

marriage Apr 2008
estranged from Sep 2019

Annabelle Neilson


relationship began about Jan 2006

Liz Hurley


dated from about Jun 2001
until about Jul 2001

Ines Sastre


dated from before 1999

Kylie Minogue OBE


dated from about 1998
until about 1988

Ingrid Seynhaeve


relationship began circa 1996

Elle Macpherson


relationship began 1993
until 1996

Koo Stark


married 1986
divorce 1990

Angie Best


dated from Mar 1985
until circa 1985

Sophie Dahl


Denice Lewis


Terri May


Tim Jefferies Children

Coco Jefferies

born 2009, age 10 (approx.)
with Malin Jefferies

Rex Jefferies

born 2011, age 7 (approx.)
with Malin Jefferies

Tim Jefferies Partner(s) Other Children


Tim Jefferies Family

Tim Jefferies's parents:

Tim Jefferies's father is Richard Jefferies Tim Jefferies's mother is Hilary Jefferies Tim Jefferies's step-mother is Helena Jefferies

Tim Jefferies's children:

Tim Jefferies's daughter is Coco Jefferies Tim Jefferies's son is Rex Jefferies

Tim Jefferies's former partners:

Tim Jefferies dated Kylie Minogue OBE Tim Jefferies had a relationship with Elle Macpherson Tim Jefferies dated Claudia Schiffer Tim Jefferies dated Liz Hurley Tim Jefferies dated Ines Sastre Tim Jefferies's former wife is Koo Stark Tim Jefferies dated Sophie Dahl Tim Jefferies dated Princess Alexandra Von Furstenberg Tim Jefferies dated Lisa Barbuscia, Lisa B Tim Jefferies's former wife is Malin Jefferies Tim Jefferies had a relationship with Annabelle Neilson Tim Jefferies had a relationship with Ingrid Seynhaeve Tim Jefferies dated Angie Best Tim Jefferies dated Denice Lewis Tim Jefferies dated Terri May

Tim Jefferies's grandparents:

Tim Jefferies's grandfather was Richard Tompkins CBE Tim Jefferies's grandmother is Valerie Tompkins

Tim Jefferies's great grandparents:

Tim Jefferies's great grandfather is Richard Tompkins Tim Jefferies's great grandmother is Ethel Tompkins

Tim Jefferies's step-grandparents:

Tim Jefferies's step-grandfather is Jose Bascones Tim Jefferies's step-grandmother is Elizabeth Tompkins

Tim Jefferies's uncles and aunts:

Tim Jefferies's aunt is Melanie Toso Tim Jefferies's aunt is Victoria Tompkins

Tim Jefferies's former in laws:

Tim Jefferies's former father in law was Wilbur Stark Tim Jefferies's former mother in law was Kathi Norris Tim Jefferies's former step-father in law was Carl Caruso Tim Jefferies's former father in law is Janake Johannsson Tim Jefferies's former mother in law is Brigitta Johannsson Tim Jefferies's former brother in law is Fredrik Johannsson Tim Jefferies's former sister in law is Pamela Stark Tim Jefferies's former brother in law is Brad Stark Tim Jefferies's former step-sister in law is Susan Caruso Tim Jefferies's former step-sister in law is Annette Caruso Tim Jefferies's former step-brother in law is Carl Caruso