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Leon Trotsky
Partners of 
Leon Trotsky

Bolshevik and infamous leader of the 1917 Russian revolution.
Leon Trotsky

Lev Davidovich Bronstein




Friday 07 Nov 1879


21 Aug 1940

Leon Trotsky
Bio Details

Full name

Lev Davidovich Bronstein





Date of birth

Friday 07 Nov 1879

Date of death:

21 Aug 1940

Place of death

Green Cross Emergency Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico

Cause of death

Assassinated, struck on the head with an ice pick (a sawn off Alpenstock)



Trotsky joined the Bolsheviks in 1917 and became one of the organisers of the October revolution.  But by 1929 he was driven into exile by Stalin who killed his children one by one and until he himself was hunted down in Mexico and murdered.

Bronstein to Trotsky

Arrested and exiled in 1898 the young Bronstein escaped in 1902 on a forged passport bearing the name Trotsky which he kept as his own.

Leon Trotsky Siblings

Liza Bronstein


Alexander Bronstein


Olya Kameneva


Rozochka Bronstein


Partners of 
Leon Trotsky

Relationship History

Frida Kahlo


affair from after Jan 1937
until before Dec 1937

Natalya Trotsky


2 children together


Aleksandra Bronstein


2 children together


Professional Partners

Evgenia Ransome

Professional Working Relationship

Leon Trotsky Children

Zinaida Volkova

born 1901, died 1933, age 31
with Aleksandra Bronstein

Nina Nevelson

born 1902, died 1928, age 26 (approx.)
with Aleksandra Bronstein

Trotsky's younger daughter

Lev Lvovich Sedov

born 1906, died 1938, age 31
with Natalya Trotsky

Sergey Trotsky

born 1908, died 1937, age 29
with Natalya Trotsky

Son of Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky Partner(s) Other Children


Leon Trotsky Family

Leon Trotsky's parents:

Leon Trotsky's father was David Bronstein Leon Trotsky's mother was Anna Bronstein

Leon Trotsky's children:

Leon Trotsky's son was Sergey Trotsky Leon Trotsky's daughter was Zinaida Volkova Leon Trotsky's daughter was Nina Nevelson Leon Trotsky's son was Lev Lvovich Sedov

Leon Trotsky's current partners:

Leon Trotsky's wife was Natalya Trotsky Leon Trotsky's wife was Aleksandra Bronstein Leon Trotsky had an affair with Clare Sheridan

Leon Trotsky's former partners:

Leon Trotsky had an affair with Frida Kahlo

Leon Trotsky's siblings:

Leon Trotsky's sister was Liza Bronstein Leon Trotsky's brother was Alexander Bronstein Leon Trotsky's sister was Olya Kameneva Leon Trotsky's sister was Rozochka Bronstein

Leon Trotsky's grandparents:

Leon Trotsky's grandfather is Leon Bronstein

Leon Trotsky's grandchildren:

Leon Trotsky's grandson is Esteban Volkov Leon Trotsky's granddaughter was Aleksandra Moglina Leon Trotsky's granddaughter is Lev Mannovich Nevel'son Leon Trotsky's granddaughter is Volina Mlannovna Nevel'son Leon Trotsky's grandson is Lev Sedov Leon Trotsky's granddaughter is Julia Sergeevna Akselrod

Leon Trotsky's great grandchildren:

Leon Trotsky's great grandson is David Akselrod

Leon Trotsky's uncles and aunts:

Leon Trotsky's aunt is Fenya Bronstein Leon Trotsky's aunt is Raisa Bronstein Leon Trotsky's uncle is Gersh Bronstein Leon Trotsky's uncle-by-marriage is Rakhiel Bronstein

Leon Trotsky's in laws:

Leon Trotsky's son in law was Platon Volkov Leon Trotsky's son in law was Mann Samsonovich Nevel'son Leon Trotsky's daughter in law was Anna Samoilovna Riabukhina Leon Trotsky's daughter in law was Olga Eduardovna Grebner Leon Trotsky's daughter in law was Genrietta Mikhailovna Rubinshtein

Leon Trotsky's former in laws:

Leon Trotsky's former son in law was Zakhar Borisovich Moglin