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Conrad Veidt
Partners of 
Conrad Veidt

German Hollywood Character Actor
Conrad Veidt

Hans Walter Conrad Veidt




Sunday 22 Jan 1893


3 Apr 1943

Conrad Veidt
Bio Details

Full name

Hans Walter Conrad Veidt





Date of birth

Sunday 22 Jan 1893

Birth place

Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany

Date of death:

3 Apr 1943

Place of death

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Heart Attack


Silent Movie Actor

Actor (1916)

Played Nazi Major Heinrich Strasser in "Casablanca".
Appeared in over 119 films in his lifetime including 75 German productions.
Was vocally anti Nazi and moved to the UK in 1933 after he was reportedly placed under watch by the Gestapo.  He became a British citizen in 1938.  2 years later he moved to Hollywood.
The creator of Batman, Bob Kane, based the "Joker" on Veidt's appearance in The Man Who Laughs (1928).

Partners of 
Conrad Veidt

Lily Veidt


30 Mar 1933

Felicitas Radke


1 child together

married 18 Apr 1923
divorce 1932

Gussy Holl


married 18 Jun 1918
divorce 1922

Conrad Veidt Children

Viola Vera Veidt

born 1925, died 2004, age 78
with Felicitas Radke

Conrad Veidt Partner(s) Other Children



$5,000.00 (US Dollar, 1942)

Paid weekly for his performance in Casablanca.

Conrad Veidt Family

Conrad Veidt's parents:

Conrad Veidt's father was Phillip Veidt Conrad Veidt's mother was Amalie Marie Veidt

Conrad Veidt's children:

Conrad Veidt's daughter was Viola Vera Veidt

Conrad Veidt's current partners:

Conrad Veidt's husband was Lily Veidt

Conrad Veidt's former partners:

Conrad Veidt's former wife was Gussy Holl Conrad Veidt's former wife is Felicitas Radke