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Tony Huston
Partner of 
Tony Huston

Tony Huston

Walter Anthony Huston


72 (ca.)


1950 (ca.)

Tony Huston
Bio Details

Full name

Walter Anthony Huston




72 (ca.)

Date of birth

1950 (ca.)

Birth place

Malibu, California, USA




Westminster School, Westminster, London, England, United Kingdom

Tony Huston Siblings

Anjelica Huston


Danny Huston


other parent: Zoe Sallis

Allegra Huston


other parent: John Julius Cooper, 2nd Viscount Norwich

Pablo Huston

Adopted Half-brother

other parent: Evelyn Keyes

Partners of 
Tony Huston

Lady Margot Cholmondeley


1 child together

Tony Huston Children

Jack Huston

born 1983, age 38 (approx.)
with Lady Margot Cholmondeley

British Actor

Tony Huston Partner(s) Other Children


Tony Huston Family

Tony Huston's parents:

Tony Huston's father was John Huston Tony Huston's mother was Ricki Huston

Tony Huston's former step-parents:

Tony Huston's former step-mother was Evelyn Keyes Tony Huston's former step-mother is Celeste Huston Tony Huston's former step-mother is Lesley Huston Tony Huston's former step-mother is Dorothy Huston

Tony Huston's children:

Tony Huston's son is Jack Huston

Tony Huston's current partners:

Tony Huston has a relationship with Lady Margot Cholmondeley

Tony Huston's siblings:

Tony Huston's sister is Anjelica Huston Tony Huston's half-brother is Danny Huston Tony Huston's half-sister is Allegra Huston Tony Huston's adopted brother is Pablo Huston

Tony Huston's grandparents:

Tony Huston's grandfather was Walter Huston Tony Huston's grandmother was Rhea Huston

Tony Huston's former step-grandparents:

Tony Huston's former step-grandfather was Omar Dowe Keyes Tony Huston's former step-grandmother was Maude Keyes Tony Huston's former step-grandmother was Ninetta Huston Tony Huston's former step-grandmother was Bayonne Whipple Huston