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Partners of 
Audrey Silvo
Audrey Silvo

Partners of 
Audrey Silvo

Henry Silvo


28 Jun 1964

Dr Paul Flothow


Aug 1949

Otto West Anderson


2 children together

divorce circa 1943

Audrey Silvo
Bio Details

Full name

Audrey Volenne Silvo

Maiden name

Audrey Volenne Speer

Also known as

Audrey Anderson

Audrey Flothow





Date of birth

Friday 20 Jul 1906

Birth place

Walla Walla County, Washington, USA

Date of death:

31 Jul 1969

Place of death

At her home in Seaside, Clatsop, Oregon, USA

Audrey Silvo

Audrey Volenne Silvo




Friday 20 Jul 1906


31 Jul 1969

Audrey Silvo Partner(s) Other Children

Audrey Silvo Children

John Anderson

with Otto West Anderson

Adam West

born 1928, died 2017, age 88
with Otto West Anderson

TV's Batman from the sixties


Audrey Silvo Family

Audrey Silvo's parents:

Audrey Silvo's father is William Felix Speer Audrey Silvo's mother is Ina E Speer

Audrey Silvo's children:

Audrey Silvo's son was Adam West Audrey Silvo's son is John Anderson

Audrey Silvo's current partners:

Audrey Silvo's husband was Henry Silvo Audrey Silvo's husband was Dr Paul Flothow

Audrey Silvo's former partners:

Audrey Silvo's former husband was Otto West Anderson

Audrey Silvo's grandchildren:

Audrey Silvo's granddaughter is Jonelle S Anderson Audrey Silvo's grandson is Hunter Anderson Audrey Silvo's granddaughter is Nina West Audrey Silvo's grandson is Perrin West

Audrey Silvo's in laws:

Audrey Silvo's daughter in law is Marcelle Tagand Lear

Audrey Silvo's former in laws:

Audrey Silvo's former daughter in law is Frisbie Anderson Audrey Silvo's former daughter in law is Billie Lou Anderson