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Partners of 
Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Partners of 
Kate Hudson

Danny Fujikawa


1 child together

relationship began 2017

Nick Jonas

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed Jan 2016

Derek Hough


dated from Dec 2014

Matt Bellamy

Broken Engagement

1 child together

engaged from Apr 2011
until 8 Dec 2014

Alex Rodriguez


relationship began about 2009

Lance Armstrong


relationship began 2008
until 2008

Owen Wilson

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2008
until 2009

Chris Robinson


1 child together

married 2000
divorce 2006

Kate Hudson
Bio Details

Full name

Kate Garry Hudson





Date of birth

Thursday 19 Apr 1979

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA



Golden Globes

2001 - Best Supporting Actress - Almost Famous

Kate Hudson Siblings

Zachary Hudson


other parent: Cindy Williams

Oliver Hudson


Emily Hudson


other parent: Cindy Williams

Wyatt Russell


other parent: Kurt Russell

Lalania Hudson


other parent: Caroline Graham

Actress and daughter of Goldie Hawn
Kate Hudson

Kate Garry Hudson




Thursday 19 Apr 1979

Kate Hudson Partner(s) Other Children

Kate Hudson Children

Ryder Robinson

born 2004, age 17
with Chris Robinson

Bingham Bellamy

born 2011, age 9
with Matt Bellamy

Rani Fujikawa

born 2018, age 2
with Danny Fujikawa


Kate Hudson Family

Kate Hudson's parents:

Kate Hudson's mother is Goldie Hawn Kate Hudson's father is Bill Hudson

Kate Hudson's former step-parents:

Kate Hudson's former step-father is Gus Trikonis

Kate Hudson's children:

Kate Hudson's son is Ryder Robinson Kate Hudson's son is Bingham Bellamy Kate Hudson's daughter is Rani Fujikawa

Kate Hudson's current partners:

Kate Hudson has a relationship with Danny Fujikawa

Kate Hudson's former partners:

Kate Hudson had a relationship with Lance Armstrong Kate Hudson is the former fiance of Owen Wilson Kate Hudson is the former fiance of Matt Bellamy Kate Hudson had a relationship with Alex Rodriguez Kate Hudson had an on-off relationship with Nick Jonas Kate Hudson dated Derek Hough Kate Hudson's former husband is Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson's siblings:

Kate Hudson's brother is Oliver Hudson Kate Hudson's half-brother is Wyatt Russell Kate Hudson's half-brother is Zachary Hudson Kate Hudson's half-sister is Emily Hudson Kate Hudson's half-sister is Lalania Hudson

Kate Hudson's nieces and nephews:

Kate Hudson's nephew is Wilder Hudson Kate Hudson's nephew is Bodhi Hudson Kate Hudson's niece is Rio Hudson

Kate Hudson's grandparents:

Kate Hudson's grandfather was Rut Hawn Kate Hudson's grandmother is Laura Hawn Kate Hudson's grandfather is William Hudson Kate Hudson's grandmother is Eleanor Hudson

Kate Hudson's uncles and aunts:

Kate Hudson's uncle is Mark Hudson Kate Hudson's uncle is Brett Hudson Kate Hudson's aunt-by-marriage is Lavinia Lang Kate Hudson's aunt is Patti Birznieks Kate Hudson's uncle-by-marriage is Stephen Mitteldorf Kate Hudson's uncle was Edward Hawn

Kate Hudson's cousins:

Kate Hudson's cousin is Tess Hudson Kate Hudson's cousin is Jonathan Hudson

Kate Hudson FameChain Links

Golden Globe Award Winners 2001 - The 58th


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