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Partners of 
Lana Peters
Lana Peters

Partners of 
Lana Peters

William Peters


1 child together

married 1970
divorce 1973

Brijesh Singh


relationship began circa 1963
until about 1966

Andrei Zhdanov


1 child together

married 1949
divorce about 1951

Grigory Morozov


1 child together

married 1945
divorce 1947

Lana Peters
Bio Details

Full name

Svetlana Iosifovna Peters

Maiden name

Svetlana Iosifovna Stalina

Also known as

Svetlana Alliluyeva





Date of birth

Sunday 28 Feb 1926

Birth place

Moscow, Russia

Date of death:

22 Nov 2011

Place of death

Richland Center, Wisconsin, USA

Cause of death

Colon Cancer



Literary Translator

Received permission to leave Russia in 1967 to return the ashes of her lover, Brijesh Singh, home to India.  Once there she went to the US Embassy to seek political asylum.  She became a high profile soviet exile as she was escorted to Switzerland.  She was finally granted asylum in the USA in 1967.
Denounced the Soviet Union at a press conference when she arrived in the USA.  A few months later she published her autobiography, “Twenty Letters to a Friend" followed by a book in 1969 about her defection entitled "Only One Year".  She also burned her Soviet passport and denounced her father as  “a moral and spiritual monster".
Moved to the UK in 1982 and began to rebuild communications with the Soviet Union in an an attempt to reach her 2 children who still lived there.  In 1984, she and her 13 year old daughter Olga returned to Russia where she denounced the West.  She was however snubbed by her 2 older children for her Christian beliefs and finally returned to the USA in 1986.
She once said “Wherever I go,” she said, “here, or Switzerland, or India, or wherever. Australia. Some island. I will always be a political prisoner of my father’s name.”

Lana Peters Siblings

Yakov Dzhugashvili


other parent: Kato Svanidze



other parent: Lidia Pereprygina

Alexander Davydov


other parent: Lidia Pereprygina

Vasily Stalin


Daughter of Russian Dictator Joseph Stalin
Lana Peters

Svetlana Iosifovna Peters




Sunday 28 Feb 1926


22 Nov 2011

Lana Peters Partner(s) Other Children

Lana Peters Children

Joseph Alliluyev

died 2008
with Grigory Morozov

Yekaterina Zhdanova

born 1950, age 68 (approx.)
with Andrei Zhdanov

The Granddaughter of Joseph Staiin

Chrese Evans

born 1971, age 47 (approx.)
with William Peters

Stalin's grandaughter


Lana Peters Family

Lana Peters's parents:

Lana Peters's father was Joseph Stalin Lana Peters's mother was Nadezhda Alliluyeva Lana Peters's step-mother was Kato Svanidze

Lana Peters's children:

Lana Peters's son was Joseph Alliluyev Lana Peters's daughter is Yekaterina Zhdanova Lana Peters's daughter is Chrese Evans

Lana Peters's former partners:

Lana Peters's former husband was William Peters Lana Peters had a relationship with Brijesh Singh Lana Peters's former husband is Andrei Zhdanov Lana Peters's former husband is Grigory Morozov

Lana Peters's siblings:

Lana Peters's half-brother was Yakov Dzhugashvili Lana Peters's half-brother is Alexander Davydov Lana Peters's brother was Vasily Stalin

Lana Peters's nieces and nephews:

Lana Peters's nephew was Yevgeny Dzhugashvili Lana Peters's niece was Galina Dzhugashvili Lana Peters's nephew is Yuri Davydov Lana Peters's nephew is Eduard Davydov Lana Peters's nephew was Vasily Stalin Lana Peters's niece was Svetlana Stalin Lana Peters's nephew was Alexander Burdonsky

Lana Peters's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Lana Peters's great nephew is Yakov Dzugashvili

Lana Peters's grandparents:

Lana Peters's grandfather was Sergei Alliluyev Lana Peters's grandmother was Olga Alliluyeva Lana Peters's grandfather was Beso Djugashuli Lana Peters's grandmother was Keke Djugashvili