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Vasily Stalin
Partners of 
Vasily Stalin

Vasily Stalin

Vasily Iosifovich Stalin




Monday 21 Mar 1921


19 Mar 1962

Vasily Stalin
Bio Details

Full name

Vasily Iosifovich Stalin

Also known as

Vasily Iosifovich Dzhugashvili





Date of birth

Monday 21 Mar 1921

Birth place

Moscow, Russia

Date of death:

19 Mar 1962

Place of death

Kazan, Russia


Soviet Airforce Pilot

Was sacked from the airforce by his father, Joseph Stalin, for ‘hard drinking, debauchery and corrupting the regiment’.  He was reinstate a few months later.
Following his father's death, he was dismissed from the airforce and imprisoned for 7 years for ‘misappropriation of state property’ .  Following his release in 1969, he returned to prison a year later for causing a traffic accident.

Vasily Stalin Siblings

Yakov Dzhugashvili


other parent: Kato Svanidze



other parent: Lidia Pereprygina

Alexander Davydov


other parent: Lidia Pereprygina

Lana Peters


Partners of 
Vasily Stalin

Galina Burdonskaya


1 child together

married 1941
divorce about 1946

Nonna Timoshenko


2 children together

Kapitolina Vasilyeva


Vasily Stalin Children

Vasily Stalin

with Nonna Timoshenko

Svetlana Stalin

with Nonna Timoshenko

Alexander Burdonsky

born 1941, died 2017, age 76 (approx.)
with Galina Burdonskaya

Grandson of Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin

Vasily Stalin Partner(s) Other Children


Vasily Stalin Family

Vasily Stalin's parents:

Vasily Stalin's father was Joseph Stalin Vasily Stalin's mother was Nadezhda Alliluyeva Vasily Stalin's step-mother was Kato Svanidze

Vasily Stalin's children:

Vasily Stalin's son was Vasily Stalin Vasily Stalin's daughter was Svetlana Stalin Vasily Stalin's son was Alexander Burdonsky

Vasily Stalin's current partners:

Vasily Stalin's wife was Nonna Timoshenko Vasily Stalin had a relationship with Kapitolina Vasilyeva

Vasily Stalin's former partners:

Vasily Stalin's former wife is Galina Burdonskaya

Vasily Stalin's siblings:

Vasily Stalin's sister was Lana Peters Vasily Stalin's half-brother was Yakov Dzhugashvili Vasily Stalin's half-brother is Alexander Davydov

Vasily Stalin's nieces and nephews:

Vasily Stalin's nephew was Yevgeny Dzhugashvili Vasily Stalin's niece was Galina Dzhugashvili Vasily Stalin's nephew is Yuri Davydov Vasily Stalin's nephew is Eduard Davydov Vasily Stalin's nephew was Joseph Alliluyev Vasily Stalin's niece is Yekaterina Zhdanova Vasily Stalin's niece is Chrese Evans

Vasily Stalin's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Vasily Stalin's great nephew is Yakov Dzugashvili

Vasily Stalin's grandparents:

Vasily Stalin's grandfather was Sergei Alliluyev Vasily Stalin's grandmother was Olga Alliluyeva Vasily Stalin's grandfather was Beso Djugashuli Vasily Stalin's grandmother was Keke Djugashvili