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James Chao
Partner of 
James Chao

Philanthropist and founder of the Foremost Group
James Chao

James Si-Cheng Chao




Thursday 29 Dec 1927

James Chao
Bio Details

Full name

James Si-Cheng Chao





Date of birth

Thursday 29 Dec 1927

Birth place

Jiading District, Shanghai, China

Partners of 
James Chao

Ruth Chao


6 children together

12 Nov 1951

James Chao Children

Elaine Chao

born 1953, age 65
with Ruth Chao

US Secretary of Labour (2001-2009) & US Secretary of Transportation (2017-)

Jeanette C. Chao

born 1956, died 2008, age 52
with Ruth Chao

May Chao

born 1958, age 60 (approx.)
with Ruth Chao

Christine J Chao

born 1963 (ca.), age 55 (ca.)
with Ruth Chao

Grace Chao

born 1965 (ca.), age 53 (ca.)
with Ruth Chao

Angela Chao

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Ruth Chao

James Chao Partner(s) Other Children


James Chao Family

James Chao's parents:

James Chao's father is Yi-Ren Chao James Chao's mother is Yu-Chin Hsu Chao

James Chao's children:

James Chao's daughter is Elaine Chao James Chao's daughter was Jeanette C. Chao James Chao's daughter is May Chao James Chao's daughter is Christine J Chao James Chao's daughter is Grace Chao James Chao's daughter is Angela Chao

James Chao's current partners:

James Chao's wife was Ruth Chao

James Chao's grandchildren:

James Chao's granddaughter is Miranda Chao-Hwang James Chao's granddaughter is Jessica Chao-Hwang James Chao's grandson is Ben Shaver James Chao's grandson is Tyler Shaver James Chao's granddaughter is Alexia Hartogensis James Chao's granddaughter is Penelope Hartogensis

James Chao's in laws:

James Chao's son in law is Mitch McConnell James Chao's father in law is Vei Ching Chu James Chao's mother in law is Hui Ying Tien Chu James Chao's son in law is Jeffrey Hwang James Chao's son in law is Jos Shaver James Chao's son in law is Gordon Hartogensis James Chao's son in law was Bruce Wasserstein James Chao's son in law is Jim Breyer