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Partners of 
Robin Wright
Robin Wright

Partners of 
Robin Wright

Ben Foster

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2014
until 2015

Sean Penn


2 children together

married 27 Apr 1996
divorce 22 Jul 2010

Dane Witherspoon


married 1986
divorce 1988

Robin Wright
Bio Details

Full name

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright

Also known as

Robin Wright Penn





Date of birth

Friday 08 Apr 1966

Birth place

Dallas, Texas, USA



Golden Globes

2014 - Best Supporting Actress - House of Cards
American Actress
Robin Wright

Robin Virginia Gayle Wright




Friday 08 Apr 1966

Robin Wright Partner(s) Other Children

Robin Wright Children

Dylan Penn

born 1991, age 30 (approx.)
with Sean Penn

Daughter of Sean Penn

Hopper Penn

born 1993, age 28 (approx.)
with Sean Penn


Robin Wright Family

Robin Wright's parents:

Robin Wright's father is Fred Wright Robin Wright's mother is Gayle Wright

Robin Wright's children:

Robin Wright's daughter is Dylan Penn Robin Wright's son is Hopper Penn

Robin Wright's former partners:

Robin Wright's former husband is Sean Penn Robin Wright is the former fiance of Ben Foster Robin Wright's former husband was Dane Witherspoon

Robin Wright's former in laws:

Robin Wright's former mother in law is Eileen Ryan Robin Wright's former brother in law is Michael Penn Robin Wright's former father in law was Leo Penn Robin Wright's former brother in law was Chris Penn Robin Wright's former grandfather in law is Maurice Penn Robin Wright's former grandmother in law is Elizabeth Penn Robin Wright's former grandfather in law was Joseph Annucci Robin Wright's former grandmother in law was Rose Annucci

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