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Partner of 
Maria Ballas
Maria Ballas

Partners of 
Maria Ballas

George Ballas


5 children together


Maria Ballas
Bio Details

Full name

Maria Louisa Ballas

Maiden name

Maria Louisa Marulanda




88 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Laredo, Texas, USA

Date of death:

12 Dec 2013

Maria Ballas Siblings

Leonor de Jesus Marulanda


Maria Ballas

Maria Louisa Ballas


88 (approx.)




12 Dec 2013

Maria Ballas Partner(s) Other Children

Maria Ballas Children

Maria Jamail

with George Ballas

Lilian Miles

with George Ballas

Michelle Pritchard

born 1953, age 65 (approx.)
with George Ballas

George Ballas Jr

born 1954, age 64 (approx.)
with George Ballas

Corky Ballas

born 1960, age 58 (approx.)
with George Ballas

Dancing with the Stars Professional


Maria Ballas Family

Maria Ballas's parents:

Maria Ballas's father is Alejandro Marulanda Maria Ballas's mother is Leonor Marulanda

Maria Ballas's children:

Maria Ballas's son is Corky Ballas Maria Ballas's daughter is Maria Jamail Maria Ballas's daughter is Lilian Miles Maria Ballas's daughter is Michelle Pritchard Maria Ballas's son is George Ballas Jr

Maria Ballas's current partners:

Maria Ballas's husband was George Ballas

Maria Ballas's siblings:

Maria Ballas's sister was Leonor de Jesus Marulanda

Maria Ballas's grandchildren:

Maria Ballas's grandson is Mark Ballas

Maria Ballas's in laws:

Maria Ballas's father in law is Charles Ballas Maria Ballas's mother in law is Maria Lymnaos Ballas Maria Ballas's brother in law is Peter Ballas Maria Ballas's son in law is Lochlin von Bramlett

Maria Ballas's former in laws:

Maria Ballas's former son in law is Shirley Ballas