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Ross MacManus
Partners of 
Ross MacManus

Father of Elvis Costello
Joe Loss Vocalist
Ross MacManus

Ronald Patrick Ross MacManus




Thursday 20 Oct 1927


24 Nov 2011

Ross MacManus
Bio Details

Full name

Ronald Patrick Ross MacManus

Also known as

Hal Burton

Day Costello





Date of birth

Thursday 20 Oct 1927

Birth place

BIrkenhead, Merseyside, England, UK

Date of death:

24 Nov 2011


Big Band Musician


Trumpet Player



Joined the big band Joe Loss and his Orchestra in 1955 and played at the same Royal Variety Show as the Beatles in 1963.
Recorded cover songs under pseudonyms including Hal Burton and Day Costello.
Was the voice behind R White's lemonade "Secret lemonade Drinker" Ad in the 1970s.

Partners of 
Ross MacManus

Lillian Alda


1 child together

married 1957

Sara MacManus


4 children together

Ross MacManus Children

Ruari Macmanus

with Sara MacManus

Ronan MacManus

with Sara MacManus

Liam MacManus

with Sara MacManus

Elvis Costello

born 1954, age 63
with Lillian Alda

British Singer-Songwriter

Kieran MacManus

born 1973, age 45 (approx.)
with Sara MacManus

Ross MacManus Partner(s) Other Children


Ross MacManus Family

Ross MacManus's parents:

Ross MacManus's father is Patrick MacManus Ross MacManus's mother was Molly MacManus

Ross MacManus's children:

Ross MacManus's son is Elvis Costello Ross MacManus's son is Ruari Macmanus Ross MacManus's son is Ronan MacManus Ross MacManus's son is Liam MacManus Ross MacManus's son is Kieran MacManus

Ross MacManus's current partners:

Ross MacManus's wife was Sara MacManus

Ross MacManus's former partners:

Ross MacManus's former wife is Lillian Alda

Ross MacManus's grandparents:

Ross MacManus's grandfather was John MacManus Ross MacManus's grandmother is Elizabeth MacManus

Ross MacManus's step-grandparents:

Ross MacManus's step-grandmother was Mary MacManus

Ross MacManus's grandchildren:

Ross MacManus's grandson is Matt MacManus Ross MacManus's grandson is Dexter MacManus Ross MacManus's grandson is Frank MacManus

Ross MacManus's uncles and aunts:

Ross MacManus's uncle is Edward MacManus

Ross MacManus's in laws:

Ross MacManus's daughter in law is Diana Krall

Ross MacManus's former in laws:

Ross MacManus's former daughter in law is Cait O'Riordan Ross MacManus's former daughter in law is Mary Burgoyne