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Felix Sater,
Partner of 
Felix Sater,

Russian born business associate of Donald Trump
Felix Sater,

Felix Henry Sater




Wednesday 02 Mar 1966

Felix Sater,
Bio Details

Full name

Felix Henry Sater

Also known as

Haim Felix Sater

Felix Satter





Date of birth

Wednesday 02 Mar 1966

Birth place

Moscow, Russia


Real Estate Executive

Broker (1993)


Pace University, New York, United States

Crime & the Mafia

In 1991 Sater got into a disagreement with a fellow commodities broker in a bar, which culminated in Sater smashing a margarita glass and repeatedly stabbing the other man in the face and neck with the stem.  His victim suffered extensive nerve damage and received 110 stitches. Furthermore, in 1998 Sater pled guilty to racketeering in a $40 million stock fraud scheme involving the Genovese and Bonanno crime families.

Sater & Trump

Around 2010, Mr. Trump named Sater a “senior adviser” and gave him an office in Trump Tower.  However, in 2013 Trump began to publicly distance himself from Sater and claimed in a video-taped deposition that 'if he were sitting in the room right now, I really wouldn’t know what he looked like.'
Born in Russia but raised in Brighton Beach, New York after his father emigrated in 1972.

Partners of 
Felix Sater,


Felix Sater, Family

Felix Sater,'s parents:

Felix Sater,'s father is Mikhail Sater Felix Sater,'s mother is Rachel Sater